Dostarczamy najlepsze produkty


Dostarczamy najlepsze produkty


Dostarczamy najlepsze produkty


Dostarczamy najlepsze produkty



Powertec Long Life „D” series bulbs – a novelty from M-TECH with a unique guarantee offer.

In order to ensure the safety and comfort of driving for yourself and your passengers, you cannot neglect the issue of car lighting. It is the lighting that determines how well we see the road and how visible we are to other road users. That is why it is worth choosing products from M-TECH, which […]

New series of M-TECH products – workshop lamps, work lamps and LED SETs ECONO.

The lighting market in recent years has seen manufacturers focus on the fastest-growing technology - LED technology. Regardless of the field - automotive, heavy industry or entertainment in the broadest sense - lighting using LED technology is becoming more and more common. Manufacturers are trying to meet market expectations as much as possible with their […]

M-TECH supports Polish industry education!

We are very pleased to share with you our unforgettable experience during a visit to M-TECH by young people from the Secondary School of Applied Sciences in Tarnowskie Góry!   Three classes of students majoring in Warehouseman-Logistics visited the M-TECH warehouse, where they had the opportunity to see with their own eyes what logistics processes […]

Latest products

LSPRO Next Generation

LED lights

TThe latest generation of the CSP1860 LED chip, thanks to its innovative design and the solutions used (including a special ceramic backing), allows to obtain up to 150% more light compared to the first generation.

Cooling system

The use of FrontAir technology, i.e. the pushing of air through the chamber of the light shaft, has a direct impact on the lifespan and thus on road safety.

NTC sensor

It is responsible for stabilizing the temperature and, at the same time, the light output, thanks to which it protects the LED chip from excessive overheating, which is a guarantee of reliability and longevity.

LSPRONG design

Compact design, small size and CANBUS system make the kit compatible with a very wide range of car models. It was also possible to reduce the diameter of the heat sink by as much as 25% (currently the diameter is 30mm).

What do we do?

Our product range consists of carefully selected products based on the best components that meet European standards. The logistics office in China allows us to deliver goods not only from warehouses in Poland, but also directly from Asia, often supplying the customer with products under their own brand.

During pasts years we managed to build strong and recognizable brand, both in Poland and abroad.

The motto of our company is to constantly strive for excellence, comprehensively supply our partners with profit and timely delivery of high quality products at attractive prices.

Owing to this, today we are perceived as a solid, prospective and reliable partner in the international automotive market.

Dostarczamy najlepsze produkty

We create

We develop and implement modern, innovative and comprehensive solutions for automotive lighting.

Zapewniamy korzystne warunki

We supply OEM

We develop lighting products in all technologies under the customer's own brand.

Dbamy o krótki czas realizacji

We distribute

We supply our partners with M-TECH and Powertec products, as well as Osram, Philips, Neolux and Narva.

Stosujemy najnowocześniejsze technologie

We educate

We try to share our knowledge with our customers in the media and automotive magazines.

Our publications

Our brands

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We distribute

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