M-TECH LED retrofits

M-TECH LED retrofits - the perfect alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs

In recent years, rapid advances in LED technology in its broadest sense have opened the door to developments in many areas, one of which is the all-important automotive lighting. Over the past decade, vehicle manufacturers have increasingly replaced traditional incandescent bulbs with LEDs, finding more and more applications for them. This rapid development has not only driven the accessories market, but has also made LED bulbs, known as retrofits, an industry icon.

M-TECH, which is one of the leaders in the production and distribution of automotive lighting in the aftermarket, has been offering LED bulbs since its inception. Our range is constantly expanding with new models as a result of many years of experience. We have managed to develop our own technological process, the key element of which is European design and the use of renowned components, including top-quality diodes.

Each bulb in our range has been designed from the ground up, with attention to the finest detail. The voltage stabilizers used, with a tolerance of up to 16V, eliminate the risk of damage caused by overheating or surges in the vehicle's electrical system. Our products are made using the highest quality components and the best LED chips available on the market, which is a guarantee of reliability, and this directly translates into safety. 

M-TECH's range of LED retrofits currently includes four product series: ECONO, Premium, Platinum and Heavy Duty, offering over 400 models, from which even the most demanding customers will find products meeting their requirements. The range includes LED replacements for all the most popular signal/auxiliary bulbs such as W5W (T10), C5W/C10W, BA9s (T4W), BA15s (P21W), BAY15d (P21/5W), W21W (T20), W21/5W (T20), P27W (3156) or P27/7W (3157).

Retrofity LED M-TECH
Retrofity ECONO

The ECONO series, also known as the budget series, is aimed at price-conscious consumers. However, this does not mean that the models in the ECONO series are low-quality products using the cheapest components available on the market. From the outset, M-TECH has been aware that the quality-price ratio is the most important aspect in the selection of the range. Hence, all selected models must meet the relevant criteria and quality standards.

Premium retrofits are mid-range products that are distinguished by high-end components, such as LEDs, while maintaining an appropriate low price. As with the ECONO series, the Premium retrofit range includes all the most popular models, while the breadth of the range and variety of models mean that everyone will find a suitable model that meets their requirements 100%. 

Retrofity Premium
Retrofity Platinum

At the top of the retrofit hierarchy is the Platinum series. These are top-of-the-range products in which the best quality components, such as electronics and LEDs from leading manufacturers, are used. The Platinum series is intended for consumers who are looking for uncompromising solutions, and quality is paramount. In this case, the price falls to the background and is not the key argument when choosing LED retrofits.

The final series is the Heavy Duty retrofits. As the name suggests, these are products designed for the toughest conditions. Hence their main purpose, i.e. 24V vehicles such as construction machines or trucks, often covering hundreds of thousands of kilometres a year. Due to their intended use, Heavy Duty products are made of specially selected components of the highest quality, which must meet the relevant requirements and standards. This is due to the environment and conditions in which they must work reliably, giving a guarantee of longevity, which in 24V vehicles is a so-called 'must have'. 

Retrofity Heavy Duty 24V

The range of LED retrofits available from M-TECH confirms that we are one of the undisputed leaders in automotive lighting in the automotive market. The number of available models, such as W5W (T10), C5W/C10W, BA9s (T4W), BA15s (P21W), BAY15d (P21/5W), W21W (T20), W21/5W (T20), P27W (3156) or P27/7W (3157), as well as the possibility of choosing from 4 ranges, means that every consumer will find a product that suits them in terms of price, appearance or components used. All products in the ECONO, Premium, Platinum and Heavy Duty ranges, which is their undoubted advantage, are available in elegant blister packs (double or single depending on the model) with the possibility of hanging (euro-hole element), which certainly translates into the possibility of display and thus easier access for the end customer.

At this point, it should be mentioned that currently available LED retrofits on the market such as W5W (T10), C5W/C10W, BA9s (T4W), BA15s (P21W) or BAY15d (P21/5W) do not have road homologation and cannot be legally used on public roads in the European Union (does not apply to retrofits used inside the vehicle).