M-TECH is the first company to innovate

... in the inspection lamp segment on a large scale.

Portable workshop lamps, also known as inspection lamps, continue to be one of the fastest growing segments of automotive accessory lighting.

Accurate workplace lighting is the basis for efficient and safe operation. It applies to mechanics as well as DIY enthusiasts in the garage and workshop, but not only. In such a situation, a powerful workshop lamp is reliable and indispensable, which can be used, for example, to spotlight components that require repair, thus making it easier to diagnose the cause of failure.

The gigantic success of the ILPRO series of inspection lamps introduced in 2021 led M-TECH to expand the ILPRO family by 4 innovative models. Being a step ahead of the competition, lamps whose most important advantage is the possibility of inductive charging (wireless) have been added to the offer. Such a solution is hardly to be found among inspection lamps available on the automotive market, even from the leading manufacturers in this segment. At this point, it should be mentioned that all models of the inductive ILPRO series have the possibility of using the PD 20W M-TECH Rapid Charge system, which allows the process to be halved.

In addition, the light sources used in the production process, combined with the highest quality materials (including polycarbonate, metal, nylon, TPR), make the new ILPRO5xx lamps withstand even the harshest working conditions, which are the everyday reality for most users of this type of product. The use of an intelligent lamp switch-off system - a single click switches the lamp off 3 seconds after switching it on and into the mode that suits it - is an added benefit. This means that we don't have to click several times to switch the lamp off, which can be irritating with regular use. The lamps are equipped with an overcharging and over-discharge protection system (OPS - Overcharging Protection System).

The products are IP54 / IP65 certified, making them waterproof while the housing remains resistant to contamination. In addition, the mechanical resistance class IK07 / IK08 protects them from external mechanical impacts (the lamp can withstand the fall of an object weighing 1,700 g from a height of 29.5 cm) - thus affecting the durability of the device and the safety of use.

What features distinguish each model?


The highlight of the newly introduced ILPRO5xx series of inspection lights, is a cradle that acts as a wireless charger additionally equipped with a PD fast charging system (20W charger and USB-C cable included). With this, M-TECH is setting a completely new trend and direction in the development of this type of product.  The ILPRO500 has been equipped with two stations allowing two devices to be charged simultaneously. In addition, one of the charging stations has been equipped with a retractable handle, allowing mobile phones to be charged. The charger itself has been made from extremely robust materials such as ABS and polycarbonate, providing an IK08 mechanical resistance class (the lamp can withstand a 1,700g object falling from a height of 29.5cm), which has a direct impact on durability. The product has strong magnets on the front for attaching wireless charging products and strong magnets on the back for mounting on any metal surfaces. In addition, screw holes on the back allow for easy mounting on a wall, for example.


The first of the lamps introduced is the ILPRO502 model. It is a square, handy, compact workshop torch equipped with an inductive charging function and a PD 20W fast charging system to shorten the process itself by up to 50%. It is equipped with two light sources: main and auxiliary. The first is provided by a 10W COB diode with a luminous flux of max. 1000 lumens. For the second, a 3W COB diode with a flux of max. 400lm.

The lamp has as many as 4 light modes (3 main light modes and 1 auxiliary light mode), which are changed by clicking the control button. The product is equipped with a 3-level battery charge indicator (indicator), which allows the battery charge level to be monitored in real time. The ILPRO502, thanks to its 2500 mAh battery, enables continuous operation from max. 3h to a maximum of 12h. In the production process, the best materials such as polycarbonate, aluminum and TPR were used, which makes it IP65 (waterproof) and IK08 (mechanical damage) certified. All this has a direct impact on durability and reliability, which translates into comfort and safety at work. This model is equipped with a handle with an integrated strong magnet that allows 180˚ adjustment. The handle itself can also be used as a hanging element or a leg allowing the lamp to be placed at any angle required. Charging with the cable is via a USB-C socket.


The second model being introduced is the ILPRO506. Like all models in the ILPRO5xx series, it is equipped with an inductive charging function and a PD 20W fast charging system allowing the process itself to be shortened by up to 50%. ILPRO506 is a compact handheld workshop lamp with an extremely efficient 10W High Power LED as its light source. It allows a luminous flux of up to max. 1000 lm, which, in such a small lamp, distinguishes it from other products in this category on the market.

The ILPRO506 model has three light modes (modes are changed by clicking on the control button), which, combined with an extremely efficient battery, allows you to enjoy uninterrupted operation for up to 12 hours. The lamp has a built-in 4-level battery charge indicator (indicator), and is manufactured using the best materials such as nylon, aluminum and TPR, thanks to which ILPRO506 is IP54 (waterproof) and IK07 (mechanical damage) certified, which directly affects the durability of the product itself. In addition, the lamp has a 130˚ adjustment range, and the luminous element itself has been equipped with a so-called zoom, which allows the luminous flux to be adjusted as required (narrow - spot, wide - flood). The use of these two elements means that we can direct the beam of light wherever it is needed and reach even the darkest corners. ILPRO506 is equipped with two extremely strong magnets so that it can be easily attached to any metal surface. Charging with the cable is via a USB-C socket.



Another of the models presented is the ILPRO507 headlamp. It is equipped, like the other models in the series, with an inductive charging function and a PD 20W fast charging system, allowing the process itself to be shortened by up to 50%. The lamp is equipped with two independent light sources, main and auxiliary, which significantly improves the comfort of use. In both cases, a 3W COB diode is responsible for the light output, which, however, has been configured slightly differently in each case. The auxiliary source of light, as the name suggests, has an additional function in the form of a focused beam allowing you to precisely reach the spot you want to reach, and the luminous flux itself is up to 200lm. The main source of light (flood) is the primary one used during operation and therefore has 3 modes (100% - 50% - 25% - change by clicking on the control button), and the luminous flux reaches a maximum of 400 lm. In addition, the light module is 90 ˚ adjustable.

As with all models of the ILPRO5xx family, the best quality materials were used in the production process, and the light module itself was made of extremely damage-resistant rubber formed on the basis of polycarbonate (double injection molding), which makes it extremely resistant to mechanical damage. ILPRO507 has an IP65 rating and an IK08 resistance to mechanical damage, guaranteeing reliability and longevity. In addition, the use of non-slip silicone strips on the inside of the strap is a guarantee that the ILPRO507 will not slip off the head even during sudden movements. The lamp itself is equipped with a 1200mAh battery, allowing you to enjoy continuous operation for up to 6h. Charging with the cable is via a USB-C socket.


The latest model introduced in a new series of lamps distinguished by innovative solutions, such as inductive charging and PD 20W fast charging function, is the flagship ILPRO508. It is a lamp with an exceptionally robust construction, using top-of-the-range materials such as aluminum, polycarbonate, TPR and nylon, which is a guarantee of reliability and failure-free operation, which are extremely important for workshop work. The lamp is equipped with two independent light sources, a main and an auxiliary one, significantly increasing the comfort of use. Special attention should be paid to the most important element of the lamp itself, i.e. the 15W COB diode placed on the front. It allows a luminous flux of up to 1700lm, which makes it difficult to find a product with similar parameters in the segment of hand inspection lamps on the market. The 3 light modes (100% - 50% - 25% - change by clicking on the control button) mean that everyone will be able to adjust the level of light intensity required in a given situation. A very interesting solution is offered by the spot auxiliary light, which is provided by a 3W COB diode, thanks to which it was possible to achieve a luminous flux of up to 400lm. It has been placed on a specially designed 30cm long flexible arm with 360 ˚ adjustment, which allows it to illuminate every nook and cranny, even the most problematic, making the word inaccessible non-existent for the ILPRO509.

The ILPRO508 is equipped with a 4400mAh rechargeable battery and a 4-level battery charge indicator (indicator light) to continuously monitor battery usage. In addition, the lamp has 2 very strong built-in magnets, which allow it to be attached to any metal surface. Another unquestionable advantage is the use of a 360˚ nylon hook, allowing the product to be suspended virtually anywhere. It is worth mentioning here that the aforementioned headband, at the end of which there is an auxiliary light, can also serve as a support for the entire lamp. Charging with the cable is via a USB-C socket.


M-TECH's ILPRO5xx series of inspection lamps is a completely innovative line which, compared to all other such products on the market, is distinguished by two unique features, such as inductive charging (wireless) and PD 20W fast charging capability. By introducing 4 models with different characteristics at the same time, M-TECH ensures that every user will find among the new family of lamps one that meets their needs 100%.

The first model is the ILPRO502, a small, compact lamp which, despite its unimpressive size, can provide a luminous flux of max. 1000lm, which until now was reserved only for large handheld workshop lamps. In addition, a handle that allows 180˚ adjustment and a built-in magnet round off the strengths of this model.

The ILPRO506 is a sleek, ergonomically shaped handheld inspection lamp that fits well in the hand and uses a 10W HP LED as its light source (max. 1000lm). Combined with the 130 ˚ adjustment of the light element and, in addition, the use of the zoom function, which allows the luminous flux to be adjusted as required (narrow - spot, wide - flood), are proof of the high versatility of this model, which will be appreciated even by the most discriminating consumers on the market.

Another model, the ILPRO507, is a product from the category of headlamps extremely popular in recent times, mainly due to the fact that during use, both hands always remain free and ready to work. Two independent light sources - auxiliary and main - with three light modes mean that each user will be able to adjust the optimum amount of light that is needed at any given time. In addition, the silicone strips placed on the inner part of the band have a direct influence on the comfort and safety of work.

The latest lamp introduced is the flagship model ILPRO508. It is distinguished from the models currently available on the market by two main features. The first is the light source used in the production process which is responsible for the main luminous element, i.e. a 15W COB diode, which in 100% mode reaches a maximum of 1700lm. Such a result puts the competition far behind among its products in the category of handheld inspection lamps. The second feature to look out for is the spot auxiliary light. Placed on a 30 cm long specially designed flexible arm, it ensures that there is no spot that we will not be able to illuminate adequately. All of these features, combined with the highest quality materials used in the manufacturing process, mean that even the most discriminating users of this type of product will find no reason to complain.

Finally, we must not forget the most important element of the entire ILPRO50xx family. The ILPRO500, a cradle which allows inductive charging of all the aforementioned models and which is additionally equipped with a PD 20W function, makes it possible to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the ILPRO5xx series. The cradle itself is equipped with two charging points, one of which has been fitted with additional holders to allow the charging of mobile phones with built-in wireless charging.

Bartłomiej Szternal
Product Manager