LSPRO SMART – The new automotive LED standard


The LSPRONG series, which has been launched by M-TECH, has changed the view of LED kits designed to convert traditional halogen lighting. Top-quality components such as branded LEDs, compact size and the FrontAir cooling system have contributed to its success.
In response to the unflagging interest in the LSPRONG series, M-TECH is introducing a completely new range of products called the LSPRO LED set, from the SMART series. First to be offered will be LED replacements for traditional halogen bulbs of the H1, H4, H7, H8, H11, HB3, HB4, HIR2 and H15 types. The most important distinguishing feature of this product family is the size. They have been designed in such a way that their dimensions are an exact replica of classic halogen bulbs. This fact makes installation a no-brainer, as the LSPRO SMART LED retrofits can be replaced in the same way as a normal incandescent bulb, without the need for special adapters, adapters or caps. As with the LSPRONG series, the highest quality components were used during the production process, which is a guarantee of reliability and longevity.

Light source...

The light source is an extremely important, if not the most important element we should pay attention to when purchasing an LED conversion kit for traditional automotive lighting. The LSPRO SMART uses the latest generation of the CSP3570 LED chip, which, thanks to its innovative design and the solutions it incorporates, allows a much stronger luminous flux to be obtained than with a traditional halogen bulb. The extraordinary luminous efficiency at such a small size was achieved thanks to the wire-free multi-point current distribution technology in a single chip, as well as the integration of 8 chips on a single substrate. This integration created a homogeneous rectangular light surface (with a shape and light distribution similar to that of a halogen filament). The new design results in a more homogeneous light, better coupling with reflectors and lenses, and the absence of the spots and shadows that appear on the street and occur with multiple individual LED chips (multi-chip). In addition, a specially selected common substrate integrates the thermal energy from 8 chips simultaneously and ensures better heat dissipation.

Cooling system ...

Like the LSPRONG series, the LSPRO SMART (LSPROS) models use an extremely efficient and proven cooling system based on FrontAir technology. The most important thing that distinguishes this cooling system from other solutions available on the market is that it pushes air through the light shaft chamber, forcing air up to 20% onto the outer part of the LED and cooling the heated phosphor. This has a positive effect on the thermal stabilisation of the LED chip, as well as forcing air circulation in the headlight chamber itself, and this has a direct effect on the service life and thus road safety. In addition, the cooling system itself supports the use of a copper pin, which further reduces the temperature on the LED itself.

Use of an NTC sensor...

With such small LED light sources as H7 bulbs, and in particular the LSPRO SMART series, which is a 1:1 imitation of a traditional halogen bulb, it is important to add thermal coupling. Despite its extremely small size, the SMART series as a whole has managed to incorporate an extremely important thermal coupling from the perspective of maintaining the right temperature level, which has a direct impact on the life of the product itself. When the bulb heats up above 90°C, the NTC sensor informs the current control system of the high operating temperature, which in turn begins to reduce the current of the LED lamp so as to maintain the temperature at the same level. This stabilises the temperature and, at the same time, the luminous flux. This also has a positive effect on achieving a low drop, i.e. a low drop in luminous flux in the time domain..

Size ...

LSPRO SMART is probably the smallest led conversion kit for traditional lighting available on the market. Thanks to the hard work of the Research & Development department, supported by engineers, it has been possible to create a product that responds to the requests coming from the market, an LED kit that is a 1:1 reproduction of the classic incandescent bulb. In the case of the LSPRO SMART, it was quite a challenge to properly select the components used in the production process due to size constraints. For example, the main component of the FrontAir cooling system, the fan, had to be customised, i.e. designed from scratch specifically for this project, as there were no suitable off-the-shelf solutions available on the market. It was also difficult to integrate the power supply system itself inside the LSPRO SMART series bulb, due to its small size. Thanks to the joint work and the components used, all the adversities encountered along the way were resolved, resulting in the finished product of the LSPRO SMART series.

The downsizing in the new series improves ergonomics during assembly and also increases the air space between the cooling system and the walls of the assembly chamber. Counter-intuitively, this improves heat exchange and also offers new mounting possibilities.

In summary...

The newly designed LSPRO SMART (LSPROS) series of retrofits is M-TECH's response to market feedback.  It is the most technologically advanced solution for the conversion of traditional lighting to LED available on the market in the All-In-One segment (these are products that are 1:1 equivalents of traditional incandescent bulbs). The use of a state-of-the-art solution responsible for the luminous flux in the form of a dedicated CSP35700 LED chip, the FrontAir cooling system using a fan designed and manufactured specifically for the LSPRO SMART project (LSPROS), an NTC sensor or a copper pin inside the bulb makes it difficult to find similarly advanced solutions in this segment on the market. All together, this solution provides more light with continuous operation and a low decrease in luminous flux per unit time (low drop). In addition, its extremely compact size, which corresponds to that of a traditional incandescent lamp, means that even in the inaccessible and small spaces that we encounter in many floodlights, it is not an obstacle to installation.

This could not have been achieved without the work of our R&D team in collaboration with the engineering team optimising the individual components of the design.

It is worth mentioning that as many as nine models will be available in the LSPRO SMART series, making it difficult to find such a wide range of All-In-One products available on the market.

Please note that the LSPRO SMART series (LSPROS) does not have ECE road homologation and therefore cannot be legally used on public roads in the European Union.


Bartłomiej Szternal
Product Manager