Why become our business partner?

In order to ensure that we present a complete picture of our company, we have gathered information from our staff and compiled it into a condensed information pill. Therefore, we are confident that by choosing us as your business partner, you gain access to the full spectrum of our services and expertise. M-TECH is made up of several departments that are responsible for the proper operation of the company.

M-TECH administration

An efficient M-TECH administration department is crucial to the efficiency and success of the company, providing support in administrative and financial matters, enabling other departments to focus on their core tasks. Through loyalty and commitment to customers, the administration department can also contribute to increasing customer loyalty and trust in the company.

Extensive back-office support
Constant correspondence with customers
Caring for the company's image in day-to-day customer contact
Administracja M-TECH

We ship worldwide

When it comes to shipping parcels worldwide, efficient warehouse logistics and competent staff play a key role. The warehouse system ensures proper space management and enables efficient order management and tracking. This makes it possible to prepare and dispatch parcels to various destinations around the world in an instant, efficiently.

Competent warehouse staff make the whole process run smoothly. Properly trained staff are able to operate the warehouse system, prepare parcels according to requirements and procedures, and ensure timely delivery.
For companies that ship parcels worldwide, an efficient warehouse system and properly trained staff are key to achieving customer satisfaction.

Multilingual sales department - the heart of the company

M-TECH is one of the leaders offering the widest range of automotive lighting on the market, with a multilingual team behind it that forms the heart of the organization. This is where important decisions affecting business development are made.
M-TECH's sales team is made up of specialists who speak foreign languages, enabling them to successfully establish contacts with foreign contractors. This enables the company to expand into foreign markets and build long-term relationships with business partners from different parts of the world.
In addition to offering a wide range of automotive lighting, M-TECH provides its customers with a free sample package, a sales guarantee, the best price, flexible procedures and an individual approach to each customer.

Customer service in 6 languages
Well-trained team of specialists
Individual approach to each customer

Polish design

With its own Research & Development department, the team is responsible for designing products that meet the needs of the market. This department is made up of experienced specialists who monitor industry trends and adapt their designs to customer requirements on an ongoing basis.
In the product design process, M-TECH only uses components from reliable suppliers, which guarantees the high quality and reliability of the products offered.
Thanks to the Research & Development department, M-TECH can provide its customers with the highest quality products that meet their requirements and needs. The responsibility for designing products based on market trends and customer needs is one of the company's strengths, which contributes to its continuous growth in the market.

Strict production quality control
Experience in the OEM segment
Production in modern factories

The key is merchandising

The purchasing department is one of the key positions in any organization. The responsibility of the purchasing department is to ensure that the company is properly stocked.
At M-TECH, the purchasing department focuses on quality and long-term relationships with business partners. The company carefully analyzes each supplier and selects only those who offer the highest quality and meet certain standards. In this way, the company guarantees itself a constant supply of high-quality raw materials and materials.

M-TECH not only draws on the offerings of its business partners, but also relies on its own brands, which are created with customers' needs in mind. The company exports its products to various corners of the world and participates in international trade fairs both as a visitor and exhibitor, allowing it to expand its markets and increase its international recognition.

The high quality of its products and professional customer service translates into low complaint rates and a preferential complaint procedure, which is very important for M-TECH's customers.
It is worth emphasizing that each department has a real impact on the current shape of M-TECH. The company relies on its competent administrative, warehouse and multilingual sales teams to provide the best service to its customers. Being a business partner with M-TECH means a wide range of services, professionalism, a guarantee of the best price, flexible procedures and an individual approach to each customer.

Administracja M-TECH

Marketing supports partners in achieving jointly set goals

The marketing department at M-TECH offers the necessary support to our business partners by working directly and planning activities with the sales team. Our work is based on listening to and dialoguing with our customers, enabling us to achieve our common goals. We offer personalized product offers, premium quality product images and descriptions, graphic design and videos, promotional content and product packaging. Our mission is to globally expand the awareness of the M-TECH brand and support Partners within their own brands. The team is constantly working on new promotional designs, aligning them with the latest trends and customer needs. Our analysis, creations and commitment allow us to deliver reliable, comprehensive projects and activities.

Free sample package
Experience in private label projects
Specialist support

Strong brand both at home and abroad

Over the years we have built a strong and recognizable brand, both at home and abroad. We create new solutions for the automotive maket. We are a manufacturer of products based on the highest-quality components that meet all the requirements of the highest European standards, including reliable Osram light sources.

Winners of prestigious Polish rankings

We are laureates of the Polish Business Gazelle rankings in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and the Forbes Diamond in 2020 and 2021.

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