M-TECH expands its range of Black Series long-range lamps

M-TECH has always relied on products created using the highest quality components, such as branded diodes and the latest, often innovative solutions. With the development and advancement of technology, the traditional halogen accessory work lamps began to be replaced by products that incorporate the latest light sources in the form of LEDs. As a result, […]


M-TECH LED retrofits – the perfect alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs

In recent years, rapid advances in LED technology in its broadest sense have opened the door to developments in many areas, one of which is the all-important automotive lighting. Over the past decade, vehicle manufacturers have increasingly replaced traditional incandescent bulbs with LEDs, finding more and more applications for them. This rapid development has not […]


ILPRO603: Revolutionary workshop lamp with replaceable battery and UV light

The gigantic success of the ILPRO series of inspection lamps introduced in 2021 has led to a further four completely innovative models being added to the range in 2023, featuring wireless charging using a dedicated induction station and fast charging to halve the process (20W PD) – the ILPRO50x series. However, M-TECH is not resting […]


How to keep yourself and others safe on the road?

Winter is a difficult time for drivers. Reduced visibility, slippery roads and strong winds are all factors that can increase the risk of accidents. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your car lights, which are essential for driving safely on the road. Here are some tips on how to take care of […]


M-TECH flare kit

Road safety in your hands The M-TECH Sequential Warning Flare Kit IL15 is an essential tool for every driver, guaranteeing effective signalling in emergency situations on the road. The practical set consists of six rechargeable light flares, enclosed in a robust rubberised plastic case. Functionality and durability Each flare offers up to 6 light modes […]


M-TECH – Sustainable step into the future

Our emphasis is on caring for the environment: As part of M-TECH’s brand awareness on the topic of caring for the planet, we are taking a step towards a sustainable future by starting the process of minimizing plastic in our packaging! Recycling in Practice: We adapt our packaging in terms of labeling to make it […]


M-TECH an example of creative management in times of crisis!

Faced with difficult times, M-TECH confronted pandemics and international conflicts and resolutely adopted a creative approach to crisis management, adapting to the realities. We introduced products based on the best components – especially in LED technology, the established patterns were broken. Flexibility was key, especially in logistics, where we had to react to changing delivery […]


Trends in automotive lighting development!

There is currently a rapid development of top lighting installations in vehicles. Modern technologies such as laser lights and LED matrices are at the forefront of innovation. Systems based on LED matrices allow precise control of the light, adapting it to the road conditions. In addition, there is a drive for greener and more durable […]


Innovative M-TECH parking assistant

A precise system to facilitate vehicle maneuvering! The Parking Assistant, an effective system that makes it easier to maneuver the vehicle when parking, is an indispensable addition for drivers in crowded cities. Made up of precision sensors mounted in the bumper, this innovative system uses ultrasonic waves to indicate when the vehicle is approaching an […]


LSPRO SMART – The new automotive LED standard

LSPRO SMART series The LSPRONG series, which has been launched by M-TECH, has changed the view of LED kits designed to convert traditional halogen lighting. Top-quality components such as branded LEDs, compact size and the FrontAir cooling system have contributed to its success. In response to the unflagging interest in the LSPRONG series, M-TECH is […]


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