ILPRO603: Revolutionary workshop lamp with replaceable battery and UV light

The gigantic success of the ILPRO series of inspection lamps introduced in 2021 has led to a further four completely innovative models being added to the range in 2023, featuring wireless charging using a dedicated induction station and fast charging to halve the process (20W PD) - the ILPRO50x series.

However, M-TECH is not resting on its laurels and is expanding the ILPRO series family of lamps with the addition of another model, ILPRO603, at the beginning of 2024. It is distinguished by an innovative feature that cannot be found in competing products on the market. The lamp has the option of replacing the battery when discharged with a new one (additional battery included), allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted operation for long hours. The battery itself has a built-in USB-C socket, so it can be charged directly, even outside the lamp housing. The battery can be replaced by unscrewing the plug located at the bottom of the lamp.

The ILPRO603 is a handy, compact workshop torch with a small footprint. The lamp is equipped with as many as three light sources, which distinguishes it from the products available on the market. The main light is provided by a 10W COB diode, which provides a luminous flux of max. 1000 lumens. The auxiliary light is a 2W COB diode and up to 200 lumens max. The most interesting thing about this model, however, is the third light source for which a 1W 395nm UV diode is responsible. This makes it the ideal tool for diagnosing leaks in car air-conditioning systems. The leak detection method using a UV lamp is very well known to car A/C repair mechanics, and is used most frequently and gives the best results. Simply add a small amount of so-called contrast to the A/C system and you can quickly see which A/C component will be repaired or replaced.

The ILPRO603 has as many as 5 light modes, giving you the opportunity to adapt the light output to any situation.  The first mode is auxiliary light. The next three modes relate to the main light and its intensity, 100%, 50% and 25% respectively. The final fifth mode is activated by holding down the button for 5 seconds and relates to the UV light (modes are changed by clicking on the control button). The use of an extremely powerful 2500mAh battery allows continuous operation for up to 12h. In addition, a 4-level battery charge indicator (indicator) allows you to keep track of its level of use.

In the production process, the best materials such as nylon and aluminum were used, which has a direct impact on durability and reliability and translates into comfort and safety of work. The ILPRO603 is IP54 certified, making it waterproof, while the housing remains resistant to contamination. In addition, the IK08 mechanical resistance class protects it from external mechanical impacts (the lamp can withstand a drop of an object weighing 1,700 g from a height of 29.5 cm)-thereby influencing the durability of the device and safety of use. The lamp is equipped with a handle with a built-in strong magnet, which allows adjustment within a 90˚ range. The handle itself can also be used as a hanging element or a "leg" allowing the lamp to be placed at any desired angle. Charging with the cable is via a USB-C socket.

In conclusion...

The ILPRO603 opens up new possibilities in the inspection lamp market, but not only thanks to its unique and innovative functionality of being able to replace the battery when discharged. It should be mentioned that an additional battery is included (ILPRO600), which, like the one in the lamp, has a built-in USB-C socket for direct charging. The lamp is equipped with three light sources, two classic (main and auxiliary) and a third, for which the UV light is responsible, which is used in diagnosing, among other things, leaks in car air-conditioning systems. For the production of the ILPRO603, the highest quality components and materials were used, such as aluminum and nylon, which has a direct impact on durability and reliability in any situation. The lamp is equipped with a battery charge indicator (indicator), which allows the user to keep track of the battery charge level, a strong magnet and a 360˚ hook, which directly influences usability and comfort of work. The latest model of the ILPRO603 series will soon be available at the country's best automotive wholesalers.

Bartłomiej Szternal
Product Manager