M-TECH flare kit

Road safety in your hands

The M-TECH Sequential Warning Flare Kit is an essential tool for every driver, guaranteeing effective signalling in emergency situations on the road. The practical set consists of six rechargeable light flares, enclosed in a robust rubberised plastic case.

Functionality and durability

Each flare offers up to 6 light modes and 3 colours, providing the flexibility to adapt the signalling to specific road conditions. Thanks to the synchronisation function and automatic activation, the flares switch on as soon as they are removed from the housing, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.

Multifunctional use

M-TECH flares are ideal not only as an alternative to traditional warning triangles, but also for securing traffic incident sites, emergency car marking and other emergency situations. Their robust construction is weather, drop and crush resistant, plus they allow them to float.

Convenient and practical

The flare kit is equipped with hanging brackets and strong magnets for easy mounting on metal surfaces. For storing and recharging the flares, there is a special carrying case which also acts as a charging station.

IL03 warning flare: power in a compact form

The IL03 flare is the ideal solution for those looking for a handy tool for signalling on the road. Equipped with 9 operating modes and an anti-shock housing, the lamp ensures high visibility of the light emitted in all conditions.

Functions and practicality

The IL03 lamp can be used for marking cars in the event of a traffic emergency, as an alternative to warning triangles, as well as for marking the work sites of emergency services, traffic control or roadworks. Its rugged design means that it can cope well with various weather conditions and substances such as oil.

Convenient solutions

The product is packaged in a cardboard box with the option of hanging it on a display stand. It also has a retractable hook and a strong neodymium magnet for easy installation.


Both the M-TECH flare kit and the IL03 lamp are essential tools for any driver to ensure safety on the road in various emergency situations. Thanks to their functionality, durability and practicality, you can be sure that they will be an effective support even in the most difficult conditions.

Roksana Rajewska - Rybicka
Marketing Team Leader