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M-TECH supports Polish industry education!

We are very pleased to share with you our unforgettable experience during a visit to M-TECH by young people from the Secondary School of Applied Sciences in Tarnowskie Góry! Three classes of students majoring in Warehouseman-Logistics visited the M-TECH warehouse, where they had the opportunity to see with their own eyes what logistics processes look like in our company. The youngsters were full of curiosity about how live logistics operations work.

The M-TECH guides gave our guests a warm welcome and ensured that they experienced a real adventure in the world of logistics. During the visit, the students had the opportunity to observe and participate in the various stages of the logistics process. They were able to see how goods are received, sorted and stored in our warehouse. The visitors were delighted to see how organized our systems are and the importance of safety and precision in our work. The M-TECH crew, full of commitment, explained to the youngsters how our company functions and the key aspects of logistics. She answered questions, provided tidbits of information and encouraged the youngsters to interact with some of the logistics equipment and tools. This was not only educational, but also inspiring for our guests.

For us, as M-TECH, it is extremely important to support education and allow young people to experience different professions. We are glad that we were able to open our doors to these amazing students and provide them with a unique experience.

M-TECH Poland in partnership with the GROT Foundation

We are delighted to announce that we have entered into partnership with the GROT Foundation for National Security and Defence.

The GROT Foundation fights for our national security and defence and is based on a strategic agreement with the Ministry of Defence. What's more, they organise high quality specialist training courses that end with state examinations, including the prestigious Qualified First Aid course.

M-TECH Poland launched the initiative by donating equipment to the GROT Foundation in the form of lamps for the rescue vehicle and modern inspection lamps, which they used during night-time rescue exercises. The effects of the cooperation can be seen in the photos.

Product support for the Vocational and Continuing Education Centre in Łęczyca

We are proud to announce that with the start of the new school year 2023/2024, M-TECH has once again become an indispensable partner in shaping the future of young automotive apprentices at the Zdzisław Paszkiewicz Vocational and Continuing Education Centre in Łęczyca.

Currently, students are using M-TECH's state-of-the-art automotive bulb testers, as well as a full range of xenon burners, LED retrofits and halogen bulbs. The students are working towards the future, waiting for the legalization of LED retrofits in Poland, which they test exclusively during their practical apprenticeship. With our products, students learn how to properly test and install automotive lighting that complies with Polish regulations and does not dazzle other drivers. All this is done with the support of state-of-the-art M-TECH inspection lamps.

At the center, students keep up to date with the latest trends in modern automotive lighting, and we were proud to be involved in the educational mission!


Thanks to the personal protection resources we have collected in the medical segment, we are able to support those most in need. We have decided to supply the most exposed units with high quality FFP2 face protection masks. The aim of the action is to help people who are particularly at risk of coronavirus infection, therefore in the first place our products were delivered to hospitals, ambulance services, police, fire department, Voluntary Water Rescue or Polish Red Cross. By supporting local facilities, we act according to the principle “Together against COVID-19! Together we can do more!”

Fire brigade

The fire brigade is one of the most respected uniformed services, not only in our country, but also in the world. That is why we - M-TECH - are once again tightening cooperation with the State Fire Service (Rescue and Firefighting Unit of the State Fire Service in Knurów), as well as with units of the Volunteer Fire Brigade: Suchy Bór, Chojny.

Stajnia rowerowa

We present young athletes from the Stajnia Rowerowa (Bicycle Stable), whom together with INTER CARS company, we strongly support!

We are impressed and wish you only more success!

Vocational Training Center in Łęczyca

We hope that our inspection lamps will facilitate the work and training of students through providing a perfect lighting in the workshops. We support Polish education by supplying them with the necessary lighting products.
We wish you continued success!

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