Innovations in work lighting: The impact of LED technology on the market.

The lighting market in recent years has seen manufacturers focus on the fastest-growing technology - LED technology. Whether in the automotive, heavy industry or entertainment sectors, lighting using LED technology is becoming increasingly common. 

M-TECH, as a leader in automotive lighting, does not intend to lag behind, constantly expanding its range. With the hugely popular 'ECONO' series of work lamps, four new models are being added to the range. WLE lamps are the ideal solution for users who, due to the type of work they do, the supplementary lighting commonly referred to as work lighting often breaks down, so they are looking for an inexpensive solution on the market that meets their lighting requirements.

ECONO, what does it actually mean...

ECONO-type work lamps are products that have a loyal following. An increasing number of companies offering such solutions can be found on the market. However, as always, the details are key. The vast majority of lamps offered on the market are of low or very low quality. Unfortunately, budget constraints mean that many manufacturers are trying to cut production costs wherever possible. This applies primarily to the components used, including the LEDs responsible for the luminous flux, as well as the materials used for external components such as the housing. 

When choosing this type of lighting, the most important thing to pay attention to is precisely its thickness, which acts as a heat sink, i.e. is responsible for heat dissipation, and the material from which it is made. Low-quality lamps are characterized by a housing thickness of 15-25mm and are often made of metal-like material or plastic, which in no way protects it from rapid overheating and burning out. This is because this type of solution is not able to fully dissipate the heat generated in the operation of the lamp. The second very important thing to pay attention to is the light source.  It is possible to find lamps on the market which, at first glance, look the same not only visually, but also in terms of the LED chips used (power). Unfortunately, the fact that the LED used in two models looks the same does not mean anything, as many manufacturers use the lowest wattage versions of LEDs available in their products (LEDs that look the same may have a wattage of e.g. 0.2 - 1W), and thus also the price. This fact directly affects and translates into the amount of light that the lamp itself is able to emit. Often, a slightly more expensive lamp may turn out to be a much better solution due to the power of the LED chip used.

WLE35, WLE45, WLE52 and WLE53...

As with the already available products in the WLE ECONO series, the new models are, on the one hand, a continuation of the already available lamps such as the WLE35 and WLE45 and, on the other hand, a supplement with completely new models such as the WLE52 and WLE53.

Like the WLE33, WLE34 and WLE36, the WLE35 is a lamp with a classic round shape. The luminous flux is provided by 54 SMD LEDs, while the 45 mm thick housing ensures adequate heat dissipation, protecting the lamp itself from overheating and burning out, even during long hours of use. In addition, the lamp is equipped with a so-called hallo function acting as a position light.

Like the WLE43, WLE44 and WLE46, the WLE45 is a product with a characteristic square shape, which is extremely popular with users. As with the previously described model, the light source is SMD LEDs (46 x LED), and the 47 mm thick housing allows maximum use without affecting their service life.

The next two models introduced, WLE52 and WLE53, are completely new to the ECONO range. Both lamps are hexagonal in shape and powerful 3W HP LEDs are responsible for the light output. What distinguishes both products from other models in the ECONO range and from other lamps on the market, however, is the use of a special grille on the front to protect the lamps from the impact of stones which often fall from under the wheels, especially when driving off-road, or tree branches which are an inseparable element of off-road expeditions. In addition, the lamps have been equipped with a 4D lens, allowing full use of the light source used, in the form of 3W HP (high-power) LEDs.

Work Lights ECONO

All presented WLE35, WLE45, WLE52 and WLE53 models include a mounting bracket with all necessary components for installation. In addition, the newly introduced lamps have an IP67 waterproof rating, which means that the device is completely dustproof, while its components are wire-protected against dust and resistant to short-term immersion in water.

In summary...

Following the success of the ECONO segment models introduced into the range of work lamps, M-TECH is now extending the range with a further 4. When choosing lamps of this type, attention should be paid first and foremost to how the heat is dissipated (heat sink), of which the housing is a key part. The thicker the housing, the better the performance in this case. The light source used, in the form of an LED, is also important. The power in this case is important, as many manufacturers use low-power diodes, e.g. 0.2W, in their production in order to reduce the costs of the whole process.  

M-TECH, like the leaders of the automotive lighting market, understands that gone are the days when only price mattered when choosing a product. Therefore, an increasing number of manufacturers have also started to focus on the appearance of the lamps themselves as one of their main objectives when introducing new products in the ECONO segment.

The increasingly interesting design, whether in terms of shape, additional elements such as a parking light or the type of reflector used, means that even low-budget work lamps can also be eye-catching. The new WLE35, WLE45, WLE52 and WLE46 models from M-TECH, which fulfill the above criteria, are the best example of this.

Please note that the work lamps do not have road homologation and therefore cannot be used on public roads within the European Union.

Bartłomiej Szternal
Product Manager