We Did It! AUTOEXPERT Product of the Year Award!

Dear Partners,

We are proud to announce that M-TECH has been awarded the prestigious AUTOEXPERT Product of the Year Award in the Automotive Parts and Accessories Category for our latest innovation, the WLBO134 Black Series Long-Range LED Lamp!

Produkt Roku 2023 Wyróżnienie

Discover a new standard of lighting!

The WLBO134 is a compact, high-powered lamp that meets the ECE R149 road homologation standards. With six efficient LED diodes, this product has not only won the approval of experts, but also offers uncompromising efficiency on the road.

EU compliance!

Legal use on public roads in the European Union is a priority for us. The WLBO134 Black Series is not only a bright innovation, but also a response to the growing expectations of the market.

Small dimensions, big impression!

Modern design, smoked glass effect, compact dimensions - our Black Series is not just lighting, it's a style on the road!

Thank you for your cooperation!

We are proud to be able to provide you with products that not only meet, but also exceed expectations. Together, we are changing automotive standards!