Innovative M-TECH parking assistant

A precise system to facilitate vehicle maneuvering!

The Parking Assistant, an effective system that makes it easier to maneuver the vehicle when parking, is an indispensable addition for drivers in crowded cities. Made up of precision sensors mounted in the bumper, this innovative system uses ultrasonic waves to indicate when the vehicle is approaching an obstacle. The system's operation is based on a simple yet sophisticated mechanism. Sensors register ultrasonic waves reflecting off potential obstacles and the system accurately calculates the distance to the edge of the vehicle. The driver receives information via a digital metric display and audible signals that become increasingly intense as the obstacle is approached.

Available from M-TECH, a variety of parking assistant kits allow personalisation according to driver preference. Models CP4 with display, CP7 with buzzer, CP5 with display and easy-to-install connectors, CP6 with buzzer and connectors, CP24 with another display variant, CP17 with 17 mm diameter sensors and CP17 models with buzzer and flanged sensors. These classic models have invariably been the most popular over the years, although more advanced kits are also on offer, such as CP8, a set of sensors for the rear and front with fully automatic control, and CP27, i.e. sensors glued to the inside of the bumper, which look very similar to the factory ones.

What's more, the M-TECH parking assist kits come in three elegant color versions: black, white and silver. It is also possible to paint the sensors in any color without affecting their effectiveness. The kits are designed to allow the user to easily and independently install the product in their vehicle. With the M-TECH parking assistant, parking becomes not only hassle-free, but also tailored to the driver's individual aesthetic preferences.

Dawid Bystroń
Product Manager