M-TECH – Sustainable step into the future

Our emphasis is on caring for the environment:

As part of M-TECH's brand awareness on the topic of caring for the planet, we are taking a step towards a sustainable future by starting the process of minimizing plastic in our packaging!

Recycling in Practice: We adapt our packaging in terms of labeling to make it easier to separate waste in line with the latest regulations. In response to growing environmental challenges, we strive to meet the latest environmental standards.

Paper packaging for a clean future: 

The decision to pack in paper is not only a response to regulation, but also an expression of our passion to create more sustainable solutions. We want our packaging to be not only eco-friendly, but also aesthetically pleasing and friendly to customers who share our concern for the planet.

Green energy for a better tomorrow: 

We have installed photovoltaic panels to increase the energy efficiency of our operations. This makes us more energy efficient and reduces our environmental impact.

We are proud of these steps towards a more sustainable and responsible operation. We thank you for your support and encourage you to strive together for a better future for our planet.

Together we are creating positive change!

Agata Jachowicz
PR & Marketing Manager