Where is M-TECH’s development headed?

Keeping track of trends in the global aftermarket is one of our key objectives when it comes to developing and expanding the distribution network for the M-TECH brand worldwide. In-depth analysis and understanding of the directions followed by the industry is the most valuable source of inspiration to develop our portfolio with a series of products tailored to customers' purchasing preferences. Thanks to such a policy we consistently enrich our offer with unique novelties, which are the answer to temporary trends, but often once introduced they remain in our offer for good, invariably maintaining their position at the top of sales in their segment.

M-TECH company on a specialist level thrives on the market within the range of products compatible with 12V electric installation - in three most important lighting technologies - halogen, xenon and LED. As a trusted and prospective partner, we have decided to expand our offer of products compatible with electrical installation of 24V and focus on products for motorcycle and scooter users. We are aware that drivers of heavy and special vehicles as well as motorcyclists particularly care about road visibility, safety and security. 

In addition, the pandemic has shown us that nothing is completely certain, so we look for new paths to help partners grow and satisfy the end customer. We listen to the market to help each other, we look for challenges and continuous development, because these are the factors that drive further progress. 

As creators of new lighting solutions, we place great emphasis on research and development. In the previous year, we significantly developed product categories that are relevant and well-known: LED sets and workshop lamps. This year we focused on development of non-standard product categories, completely new in our offer, like working lamps with R23 reversing approval, LED retrofits dedicated to motorcycles MOTO LIGHTS series, LED retrofits dedicated to fog lights FOG LIGHTS series, ultra-modern retrofits LIMITED BLACK series or working and driving lights with new road approval R148 and R149 in modern black BLACK series edition.

pecial thanks are due to the Research & Development department of M-TECH, which is the engine of innovation aimed at expanding the product ranges and improving existing ones. The new ranges were born on the basis of careful observation of the market and previous experience in the production and sale of automotive lighting.

A well thought-out development path with new opportunities makes us one of the most comprehensive suppliers to the automotive aftermarket in Europe and worldwide. 


Roksana Rajewska
Marketing Team Leader