M-TECH expands its range of Black Series LED long-range and work lamps.

M-TECH has always focused on products based on the highest quality components, such as branded diodes and the latest, often innovative solutions. Cheap solutions or half-measures have never been taken into account when introducing new products. Already in 2020, in order to meet the expectations of the market and its unflagging popularity, M-TECH introduced driving lights of Black series to its offer, which, apart from the above features, fulfill one more aspect, very important for the end user, namely the appearance. Unusual design, which consists of e.g. effect of smoky glass obtained by using appropriate optical techniques is an unquestionable advantage of all models included in this product group, which additionally distinguishes them from the competition. Unflagging popularity of the series products caused M-TECH to extend the assortment with further models of LED long-range halogen and working lamps. 

New European Union Directives ECE R148 and ECE R149.

Simplicity has always been a human goal, especially when it comes to standards, directives and other legal matters. This allows for greater transparency and therefore better use of the potential that a particular product has. The European Union has recently come to the same conclusion with the introduction of new directives ECE R148 and ECE R149. The first one concerns tail lamps, while the R149 directive focuses on headlights.

The ECE R148 approval has now replaced a number of old approvals, including those well known in the market such as R23 (reversing lamp) or R38 (rear fog light). The ECE R149 is the same as, for example, the ECE R112 (homologation of LED high-beam headlamps) or the ECE R19 (fog lamps). The list of directives that are part of the new standards is much longer.

Probably the smallest driving lights in the world.

Since time immemorial, long-range halogen lights approved for legal use on public roads have been synonymous with something big and heavy. Drivers of trucks, vans and off-road vehicles, who use this type of lighting every day, know it best. In an attempt to shatter this market stereotype, M-TECH is the first company to introduce lamps that are distinguished by their unprecedented small size in this segment, while meeting the requirements of the new R149 directive. The small size has been achieved through the use of the latest, innovative solutions, which are the result of technological progress and ubiquitous miniaturization. Naturally, the new lamps are compatible with both 12V and 24V installations. 

The WLBO134 and WLBO144 meet all the above criteria. In addition to their small size they are distinguished by another very important feature - the reflector. Its innovative shape, reminiscent of an excavator bucket, and the use of extremely efficient, brand-name diodes have made it possible to achieve a luminous flux previously reserved exclusively for much larger models.

WLBO134 is a lamp from the driving lights segment in a rectangular shape with dimensions of 82x60x62mm (dimensions of the lamp itself). The luminous flux is provided by six extremely efficient and effective diodes with the power of 5W each, arranged three in two rows. In conjunction with the reflector, they allow for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

The WLBO144 model differs from the WLBO134 in shape and the number of diodes. The lamp has a classic square shape with the dimensions of 82x82x62mm, and the luminous flux is provided by 9 diodes with the power of 5W each, as in the previous model, distributed in three rows of 3. Similarly to WLBO134 it has the R149 homologation, which allows for legal use on the roads of the European Union.

The driving lights WLBC157 (round lamp), WLBC756 (curved beam) and WLBC758 (curved beam) were the inspiration for the extension of the Black range, which confirmed that not only price but also appearance is important.

Modern design matters.

M-TECH's R&D department is constantly working to introduce products that meet the requirements of even the most demanding road users. Hence the idea to introduce ordinary working lamps of the extremely popular Black series. Models WLBO133 and WLBO143 are counterparts of the WLBO134 and WLBO144 driving lights, which in contrast are designed for the best possible illumination of the working area. Thanks to the use of highest quality materials, multi-structural reflector of Flood type for light diffusion and extremely efficient diodes of High Power type, we get a product that gives a guarantee of efficiency and reliability even in the most difficult conditions. In addition, so characteristic of the Black series, the effect of tinted glass makes people who, in addition to power and quality appreciate the individual and stylish appearance, will find something for themselves.

At this point it is worth mentioning the EU directive R10, which is inseparably connected with work lamps. On the market you may come across products offered as working lamps with homologation, on which there is a print with a characteristic letter "E" in a circle and next there is information what directive it refers to (regulation number e.g. R10). Unfortunately, the ECE R10 is very often confused with the R112 road homologation. The problem is that R10 (ECE R10) means only that this device does not emit an electromagnetic field that could disturb other electrical and electronic equipment in the vehicle. It is not, however, a certificate that allows the lamp to be legally used on European Union roads.

To sum up...

M-TECH, as a leader in the automotive lighting industry, has always listened to the needs of the market, which in combination with the Research & Development department and a team of engineers has implied products of the highest quality, often using the latest, innovative solutions. It is no different with the new Black Series products. The WLBO134 and WLBO144 models represent a new opening in the segment of driving lights in the aftermarket. They are proof that size doesn't matter. M-TECH's offer will soon include probably the smallest LED long-range halogens on the market. Thanks to the use of the latest technology and innovative solutions, such as an innovative reflector, it has been possible to create products of the highest quality, which cannot be found anywhere else on the market. WLBO134 and WLBO144 are models that meet the criteria of the newly introduced European Union directives on broad-spectrum light sources. The E149 homologation means that they can be legally used on EU roads as long-range LED light sources. The lamps have another very important feature, namely the effect of tinted glass, which makes no motoring enthusiast pass by these lamps indifferently.

The range is completed by the WLBO133 and WLBO143 models for work area illumination, which has a direct impact on safety and comfort.

Importantly, the new models can be compatible with both 12V and 24V electrical installations.

All the described M-TECH products will be available at the best automotive wholesalers on the market.

Bartłomiej Szternal

Product Manager