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We are pleased to announce that our products have won the trust of our customers and have been shortlisted for AUTOEXPERT's PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2023. This is a great accolade for us and confirms that our hard work and commitment to developing innovative solutions for the automotive industry are yielding results. We are proud of this award as it confirms our mission - to provide the best products for the automotive industry. Our team of specialists is constantly working on new technologies and improving our solutions to meet the growing demands of the market.

The nominated products are: 


The development of LED technology has influenced the emergence of LED bulbs as an alternative to xenon bulbs. They are gaining popularity among drivers due to their longer lifespan, uniform color, resistance to shock and vibration and higher light quality, which affects comfort and safety. Initially, however, the market did not generate much demand due to poorly designed LED bulbs dedicated to factory xenon installations. Now, M-TECH is launching an LED solution as retrofits for factory xenon lighting, which enables easy and effective replacement of the lighting with a more efficient LED light source.

M-TECH retrofits are designed to work fully with the original installation and inverters, so no additional modifications or interventions are required. Their performance matches that of traditional burners, meaning that the installation does not detect anomalies or communicate errors. Most importantly, the performance of M-TECH D-LEDs is greater than that of conventional xenon, emitting up to 2,000 lumens more than traditional xenon burners, a huge difference, especially when compared to traditional bulbs. The M-TECH D-LED retrofits, although not road approved, make it easy and efficient to replace the lighting with a more efficient LED light source.


LSPRONG7 - LED SET M-TECH Pro New Generation H7

A new generation of M-TECH's most popular LED Set segment series, the LSPRO Next Generation, will be available in early 2023. The newly designed LSPRONG retrofit series is probably the most technologically advanced solution for converting traditional lighting to LEDs available on the market. The use of a state-of-the-art solution responsible for the luminous flux in the form of a dedicated CSP 1860 LED chip, FrontAir cooling system, NTC sensor (above 90°C the NTC sensor informs the current control system of a high operating temperature, which results in stabilization of the temperature and, at the same time, of the luminous flux) or maintenance of the external Control Box design makes it difficult to look for similar advanced solutions in this segment on the market. In addition, the 25% reduction in the size of the heat sink means that even in the inaccessible and small spaces that we encounter in many headlamps, it is not an obstacle to installation. All together, this solution provides more light for continuous operation and a low decrease in luminous flux per unit time (low drop).

BLACK SERIES - WLBO134 long-range LED lamp

M-TECH is constantly working to introduce products that meet the requirements of even the most experienced road users. Hence the idea to introduce long-distance light sources made in LED technology (Driving Lights) with full ECE R149 Black Series road homologation, which can be legally used on EU public roads without any obstacles. In order to meet the expectations of the market, the WLBO134 model has appeared in M-TECH's offer. The WLBO134 is a rectangular-shaped lamp from the Driving Lights segment with dimensions of 82x60x62mm . Responsible for the light output are six extremely efficient and effective LEDs of 5W each, arranged three in two rows. In combination with the reflector, they allow for maximum efficiency and performance.

Small dimensions have been achieved through the use of modern solutions, which are the result of ubiquitous miniaturization. All models in the Black Series feature an unusual design, including a smoked glass effect. In addition, they are distinguished by one very important feature - the reflector. Its innovative shape, reminiscent of an excavator's bucket, and the use of efficient, brand-name diodes have made it possible to achieve a luminous flux hitherto reserved exclusively for larger models.

We thank everyone for their support and promise to continue on our path to automotive excellence.

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Roksana Rajewska-Rybicka
Marketing Team Leader