M-TECH – wide range of LED light sources for motorbikes and scooters.

Due to the progress of civilization, roads in cities are becoming more and more congested, making congested roads an everyday occurrence for every driver. However, there are those who are less affected by this problem. However, more and more users are choosing two-wheeled vehicles such as motorbikes or scooters as their primary means of transport, making them an alternative to cars. Like drivers of other vehicles, motorbike and scooter users also want to feel safe on the road, and good lighting is crucial in this respect. Therefore, M-TECH offers a wide range of LED motorbike and scooter bulbs for reliability and excellent visibility.

Light bulbs...

Automotive lighting manufacturers offer bulbs based on LED technology, including replacements for traditional incandescent bulbs such as W5W, C5W (commonly known as tube), BA9s or BA15s. Recently, LED replacements for traditional halogen bulbs such as H1, H4 or H7 have also enjoyed unflagging interest, and are used not only in cars, but also in single-track vehicles such as motorbikes and scooters.

As well as the retrofit models mentioned earlier, which appear as a parking lamp, marker light or reversing or stop light, among others. However, there are places in motorbikes or scooters where a universal car bulb is not enough and a dedicated solution is needed. M-TECH's R&D department is introducing bespoke bulbs for two-wheelers, such as the HS1, BA20d and P15d LED versions, providing excellent headlight illumination, including dipped and high beam.

LSAL "01B" series

Listening to the voice of the market, M-TECH has for some time been offering its customers models for the conversion of traditional headlamps (e.g. H4 or H7) made with LED technology and designed typically for vehicles such as motorbike or scooter. The Premium LSAL "01B" series (single pack) is an innovative line of bulbs in the M-TECH range, the most important feature of which is its compact design, which does not have a traditional beam coming out of the bulb and does not require additional modules to be connected. Its purpose is to resemble a traditional halogen bulb as much as possible. For these reasons, this type of solution is known on the market as 'All In One'.

All products are equipped with LEDs made in modern CSP LED technology, which is characterized by very high efficiency per 1W (number of lumens per 1W). Such a solution allows the highest luminous efficiency, which directly translates into safety. The unique design of the LSAL series LED bulbs, their small size and the base integrated into the aluminum body significantly facilitate installation even where space is limited. An additional advantage is the highly efficient active cooling system, which has a significant impact on service life. All models are equipped with a detachable flange for additional installation convenience, and the light color temperature is max. 6500K. The LSAL "01B" series includes the most popular models such as H1, H11, H4, H7, HB3 and HB4.

Two series of dedicated...

To begin with, we will be able to find two series of dedicated LED replacements for HS1 type bulbs, BA20d and P15d, used in the headlamps of two-wheelers as dipped and high beam. Both series are characterized, as is standard with M-TECH products, by the best quality materials and components used.

The LB55x series is a series of bulbs which use 12 branded SMD3030 diodes, which, combined with an extended heatsink with an innovative shape, ensures that the source of light is adequately cooled, which prevents overheating and, consequently, damage to the bulb. The diodes have been placed on a PCB, 6 on each side, which seems to be the optimal solution. Luminous flux of max. The luminous flux of 1,200lm max. guarantees comfortable travel even on the darkest roads.

LB57x series are bulbs with a completely different design than the LB55x. The main feature which distinguishes them is the lens used and a completely different shape of the heatsink, which is equally efficient and ensures that the diode does not overheat. The source of light is provided by two extremely efficient SMD3570-type diodes that guarantee a luminous flux of up to max. 1400lm, which will satisfy the most demanding users of this type of vehicle.

To sum up...

The segment of road users using two-wheeled vehicles on a daily basis is growing. Drivers of vehicles, including four-wheelers, increasingly want to feel safe, and this directly depends on the quality of lighting. M-TECH has introduced the LSAL '01B' series and new retrofit models to help dedicate solutions to this segment. The two series LB55x and LB57x, thanks to their various designs, allow the right solution to be found for converting traditional lighting to LED lighting in most headlamps. The materials used, the branded LEDs responsible for the luminous flux and the design of the heat sink are a guarantee of reliability and, therefore, a sense of safety.





Bartłomiej Szternal
Product Manager