Probably the widest range of LED retrofits for 24V installation.

LED retrofits are becoming increasingly popular among car users. M-TECH company as one of the leaders in the automotive lighting industry now has one of the widest available on the market, an offer of replacements for traditional light bulbs. Available series Basic, Premium, Platinum and Heavy Duty allow to meet requirements of the most demanding road users both in terms of price, source of light, shape or size. 

Unfortunately for many drivers the main group of customers that the leading manufacturers focus on are the owners of cars with 12V installation. There is no wide range of retrofits on the market designed for 24V vehicles. To meet the expectations of customers, M-TECH has introduced to its offer 11 new models of LED retrofits compatible with 24V electrical installation. This allows us to boast one of the widest ranges of products in this segment.

M-TECH LED retrofits have been designed by the R&D department using the best components from light source to resistors and semiconductors. Additionally, all the described LED retrofits have been equipped with a special surge protector protecting diodes against voltage increase in the car’s installation and, consequently, against burning out. 

At the same time replacements for traditional bulbs such as W5W, C5W, BA15s or BAY15d have their premiere. The bulbs have been designed in such a way as not to cause the error of a burnt out bulb. They are used to illuminate the interior of the vehicle in the headliner, glove compartments, trunk interior and door lighting.

The offer includes retrofits W5W in different variants. If you are looking for a flat bulb where the diodes are located on both sides of the PCB plate then choose model LB9801W or LB9806W, if you are looking for one shining only to the front choose model LB9329W, if you want the bulb to shine to the front and around choose model LB9804W or LB9312W. The offer of C5W bulb substitutes is equally wide. The offer includes models with different lengths (36 and 41 mm) and the light source used (SMD or HP diode with lens). If you are looking for a 36mm “tube” substitute choose the LB9812W or LB9815W, if you are looking for a 41mm substitute choose the LB9814W or LB9816W.

The offer is completed by two models which are substitutes of the bulbs with BA15s and BAY15d bases. It is worth mentioning that the LB9854W (BA15s) bulb has been equipped with 48 diodes while the LB9812W has a lens and a specially designed reflector which allows for maximum use of the branded light sources used. Moreover, M-TECH has not said the last word on the subject yet, namely, the M-TECH R&D department is constantly working on the next novelties for 24V installations, that is why we encourage you to keep track of the offer in the LED retrofits category.

*M-TECH products can be found in the best Polish wholesalers and automotive stores.