New series of M-TECH products – workshop lamps, work lamps and LED SETs ECONO.

The lighting market in recent years has seen manufacturers focus on the fastest-growing technology - LED technology. Regardless of the field - automotive, heavy industry or entertainment in the broadest sense - lighting using LED technology is becoming more and more common.

Manufacturers are trying to meet market expectations as much as possible with their product ranges. Recently, there has been a trend towards a complete range of products, which includes, but is not limited to, high-end products such as Platinum and Premium. Increasingly, users are looking for so-called ECONO solutions, characterized by the best price/quality ratio. M-TECH Poland, as a leader in the automotive lighting sector, does not intend to lag behind, constantly expanding and standardizing its offer. A new series of ECONO products characterized by a gray packaging design will soon be launched. The new design will first see work lamps, inspection lamps and kits for converting traditional lighting to LED.

WLE ECONO work lamps

On the automotive lighting market, you can find work lamps in the Premium or Classic segment. By introducing the WLE series, M-TECH is becoming one of the few companies on the market which is able to offer products from each of the above categories. When selecting lamps in this segment, attention should be paid, first and foremost, to how heat is dissipated (heat sink), the key part of which is the casing. In this case, the thicker the better. Low-quality tubes are characterized by a housing thickness of 20-25mm, often made of metal-like material or plastic. The WLE series has a housing thickness of 45mm made of a special aluminum alloy, which protects the lamp from overheating even in the harshest conditions. The light source used, in the form of an LED, is also very important. Power is important in this case, as many manufacturers use low-power LEDs, e.g. 0.2W, which externally do not differ from LEDs with a power of, for example, 1W, as in the WLE series. In addition, the WLE33, WLE34, WLE36, WLE43, WLE44, WLE46 models, thanks to the use of various types of reflectors, offer a product which will meet the requirements of even the most demanding users.

IL ECONO inspection lights

Well-known and extremely popular models of inspection lamps such as IL07, IL08, IL09 and IL94 have been added to the M-TECH ECONO range. All of these models are characterized by one very important aspect, namely the price/quality ratio. This is the most important criterion guiding M-TECH POLAND in the selection of suitable models forming the ECONO series. IL07, IL08 and IL09 belong to the group of products known as headlamps. This is an ideal solution for all those for whom free hands are most important at work. An additional advantage of this type of lamp is its very wide application. These torches are ideal for many applications such as camping, hiking, construction, mechanics, fishing and many more. They will come in handy for running or hiking enthusiasts, as well as for drivers of trucks or other vans.

The IL94 model is one of the most popular products in the M-TECH range of inspection lights. Unlike the previously described models, the IL94 is a classic, hand-held workshop lamp. It provides powerful light in hard-to-reach places, while at the same time, thanks to the LEDs on the front and top of the lamp (15 + 1 LED), the magnets used and the non-slip handle, it is extremely handy. The IL94 workshop lamp is equipped with a built-in LED battery status indicator, which shows the current level of battery charge (2200 mAh). Thanks to this, you no longer have to worry about the light going out when you least expect it. The IL94 is IP54-certified, which makes it ideal for harsh environments, is dustproof and has high shock resistance. The concave diffuser prevents it from scratching and systematically tarnishes the glass. Thanks to this specially designed glass, the inspection lamp is characterized by increased performance, efficiency and resistance to external damage.

A brand new headlamp model is being added to M-TECH's ECONO series of inspection lamps. The IL11 is a completely new approach to the topic of inspection lamps commonly referred to as headlamps. The most important difference and advantage is its innovative design. The lamp has been designed in the form of a headband worn on the head, in which a luminous element in the form of a COB LED strip has been built into the structure. In addition, the IL11 has a second light source which is an integral part of it. The first, in the form of a built-in COB strip, allows a luminous flux of up to 350 lm and illuminates a 230° wide area. The second light source is an XPE LED generating a beam of up to 150lm, whose main use is for spot lighting of the workplace. Each of the two light sources has two modes of illumination, 100% and 40%, so that we can easily adjust the amount of light to current needs, which directly affects the life of the torch itself. The flexible head torch is equipped with soft pads inside the product so that it does not slip off the head during sudden movements and an adjustable strap for comfort.

The new model of the ECONO IL11 segment is equipped with a built-in battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh which allows continuous operation for up to 8 hours, thanks to the use of a universal type C charging socket (USB-C cable is included) the process itself does not cause any major problems. The most interesting solution that has been applied to the IL11 is the motion sensor, which allows the lamp to be switched on and off by moving your hand in front of the torch's forehead. This is particularly important for users who deal with all sorts of dirty substances, such as oil or grease, on a daily basis. The model has an IPX4 water resistance rating, which allows it to be protected against dust particles and splashing water, so working in lightly falling rain is no problem for the IL11.


There are now countless models on the market for converting traditional lighting to LED. The ECONO series includes all available LSC models, which are very popular on the market. Replacements for traditional incandescent lamps such as H1, H3, H4, H7, H8/H11, H13, HB3, HB4, HB5, PS24W, P13W or 880 included in the LSC series make it the widest range of LED SET products on the market. All products are equipped with LEDs made in the COB LED technology, which is characterized by very high efficiency per 1W (number of lumens per 1W). Such a solution allows the highest luminous efficiency, which directly translates into safety. The well-thought-out design of the LSC series bulbs, their small size and the components used in the production process mean that the product meets the most important premise for the ECONO series, i.e. the price-quality ratio, which makes it difficult to find a similar product on shop shelves. The bulbs are equipped with an active cooling system, which has a significant impact on their service life. All models are equipped with a detachable flange, which further enhances installation convenience. The LSC series is compatible with 12/24V installations and the light color temperature is max. 6500K.

M-TECH continues to unify its entire product range. To meet market signals, a new series of ECONO products characterized by gray packaging design will soon be on offer. First of all, the new design will include the WLE33, WLE34 WLE36, WLE43, WLE44 and WLE46 work lamps, as well as the well-known IL07, IL08, IL09 or IL94 inspection lamps. The ECONO segment among workshop lamps will be enriched by the brand-new IL11 model (headlamp). In addition, the ECONO series will be supplemented by products from the LED SET range. In the first quarter, the ECONO series will be supplemented in M-TECH's offer by the entire range of LSC models.

Bartłomiej Szternal
Product Manager