Types of LED bulbs

How to choose the best one for your car?

When choosing the right light bulb to illuminate a particular spot inside the car, the first question to be answered is how the LED bulb should shine. This depends on the type of reflector used in the lamp (depending on the model of car, manufacturers use different reflectors to illuminate different areas inside the vehicle).

A standard distinction is made between three types of W5W LED bulbs, taking into account the way they light up. The first one is used when the light source is mounted on two sides of the PCB, which makes such a bulb shine only on the sides (examples are models LB801W or LB806W).

The second is when the light source is mounted on the front of the bulb directing the light output only towards the front (examples are models LB803W or LB805W).

The third is when the light source is mounted both on the front and around the bulb. Thanks to this solution, it shines both forwards and all around, giving a so-called 360° effect.

There is one more issue to look at when choosing LED retrofits for interior lighting, and that is the colour of the light itself. The vast majority of models available on the market are equipped with LEDs with a colour temperature of 6500K (cold white). However, LED bulbs with a light colour of 4200K (warm white) have recently become increasingly popular with drivers. Examples include the Platinum LB804WW and
LB806WW series.





Bartłomiej Szternal
Product Manager