Summary of 2022

2022 started very well for M-TECH 

The problem, for obvious reasons, came at the end of February.

A very high degree of protracted uncertainty, coupled with galloping inflation, meant that the entire strategy chosen at the beginning of the year had to be quickly rethought.

The zero covid policy with sudden lockdowns in key cities in China, was an added complication to supply chain planning. Anyone working in commerce has been exposed to these problems. As the sad reality shows, unfortunately not every company has coped with adversity as well as M-TECH. We ended the year with close to 10% growth. The company made some difficult strategic decisions at the right time, the results of which could not be certain.

The entire re-prepared strategy for the war year 2022 was based on M-TECH's participation in September's Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 trade fair. It started with a reorganization of the purchasing strategy, which in internal nomenclature is called a 'zero shortage' strategy. Given the volatility of the market and the uncertainty of supply chains, securing goods for sale for mid-September was absolutely crucial. After securing merchandise, novelty and availability, it was the turn of the marketing and sales department's 'seventh sweat' in preparing our participation at the fair. Going hand-in-hand, sales and marketing prepared the M-TECH stand down to almost the smallest detail.

Adopting football terminology, the attack - the sales department - the most numerous ever, used the preparation and the positioning developed to seal the success.

A multitude of new customers, a crowd of old ones carrying news from our stand and old, pre-Covid "dusted off" acquaintances yielded better than expected results. I emphasize very strongly here the role of interdepartmental cooperation in order to implement a clearly outlined strategy. As a company, we are aware that the next 2-3 years may be difficult and challenging, but we will do everything in our power not to disappoint the trust placed in us by our Contractors.

We wish you every success in 2023, and we would like to ensure that the path you have chosen is always well-lit.

Tomasz Barczyk

Company Co-owner / CEO

2022 summary and plans for the future 

The year 2022 has been one of the most intense years in M-TECH's history.

Overall, the last few years have presented the business and leaders with more and more challenges. Financial leaders are constantly looking for ways to find a way to succeed, deliver on their plan and prepare for what comes next. In my role as CFO of M-TECH in 2022, I have focused with my team on finding cost optimisation.

I would compare the search for savings to looking for a needle in a haystack, but everyone knows that the costs a company incurs have a great impact on its operations. Keeping a company financially sound is linked to the search for optimisation. In a company that is growing rapidly - like M-TECH - expenses like to pile up. Constantly optimizing costs, building up a financial cushion simply makes the business more secure and the company's offering still remains competitive. 

For M-TECH, maintaining or continuously improving the quality of our products, ensuring the satisfaction and continuous growth of our employees' competences are priority issues, which can have absolutely no impact on the company's cost-cutting. Experience shows that any optimisation must be preceded by financial analyses, as these are what bring the best results for customers. Savings resulting from a carefully designed action plan are part of a larger, qualitative change.  Regular monitoring of expenditure and effective reduction of expenditure has contributed to M-TECH achieving record growth during the ongoing crisis.

In 2022, we have sought savings in transport, invested in equipment to streamline warehouse processes, and effectively reduced utility bills, which were a significant burden during the energy crisis. In the long term, the installation of photovoltaic panels will bring tangible savings to the company as a renewable source of energy production. In addition, it will contribute to reducing toxic emissions by creating a harmless heating source, which is a significant step towards going green.

The era of the global war economy and the coming waves of the crisis mean that the next few years will undoubtedly be challenging for entrepreneurs. In 2023, the ability to learn quickly and to adapt to new realities will continue to be a priority.

We will consistently implement the planned strategies and, together with our Partners, move towards a common goal.


Michał Jachowicz

Company Co-owner / CEO

Summary of 2022 in a commercial context.

The end of the year is a time when trade temporarily slows down and a time of taking stock, analyzing and learning lessons begins. It seemed that the hardest part was behind us as we finally tamed the COVID-19 pandemic and adapted to the new realities of operating in international business. Then 2022 arrived, and with it unprecedented challenges, rampant inflation and the specter of the most serious economic crisis in years.

In the face of this year's difficulties, the lessons learned during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic proved invaluable. We have learnt to operate in adverse conditions, accurately weigh risks and spot opportunities where others see only obstacles. A series of courageous decisions, flexibility in management, a transparent policy towards partners, and ultimately the commitment and cooperation of the people who make up our company, led us to the best year in the history of M-TECH Poland's existence, so it is with undisguised pride that I would like to share our most important successes and achievements in 2022:

  • A record year in terms of sales and number of business relationships established
  • Introduction of the M-TECH brand into further non-European markets: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Tunisia
  • Participation in all major automotive events: Automechanika Frankfurt, Motortec Madrid, Autopromotec Bologna, Equip Auto
  • Expansion of the product range offered by 90 unique references in five product categories
  • Winning the title of Business Gazelle 2022 - for the sixth time in a row


Kamil Pocheć

Sales Team Leader