Professional inspection lamp in your workshop.

Portable workshop lamps, also known as inspection lamps, are one of the fastest growing segments of automotive accessory lighting. This is because precise workplace lighting is the basis for efficient and safe operations. This applies both to mechanics and DIY enthusiasts in the garage and workshop, but not only. In such a situation, a powerful workshop lamp is reliable and indispensable, which can be used to illuminate the components that need to be repaired either spot-on or as a whole, making it easier to diagnose the cause of the breakdown.

The most important features when choosing portable inspection lamps are light efficiency, durability and battery capacity. This has long been known by the best automotive manufacturers, in whose offer workshop lamps are becoming increasingly important.

The most important feature to pay attention to when choosing workshop lamps are the light sources used, which have a direct impact on the luminous flux. Recently this product category has been dominated by light emitting diodes commonly called "LEDs". One can distinguish three basic LED sources used in the production of workshop lamps: flux, COB and SMD. Leading manufacturers are increasingly turning to the SMD technology, which allows to obtain the best efficiency from 1W, so we can get much stronger "light". Currently, the most common luminous flux value in portable workshop lamps is between 200lm and 500lm. Recently, however, hand-held compact workshop lamps have appeared on the market, in which this value reaches even 1100 lumens.

A very important element when choosing workshop lamps are the materials used in the production process, which have a direct impact on the durability of the product itself. Until now, the majority of lamps on the market have been manufactured on the basis of ABS or plastic materials, which do not belong to the most durable materials. Recently, however, it can be noticed that manufacturers have started to turn towards higher-end materials, such as metal or polycarbonate. The use of such components significantly affects the quality and durability, and thus allows you to enjoy longer use in harsh conditions, which, as we know, are the everyday life of portable workshop lamps. For this reason, a very important element when choosing should also be the class of water resistance and mechanical resistance at a minimum level of IP54 and IK08.

Another element you should pay attention to is the battery capacity. On the market, the most common are lamps with the cell capacity in the range of 2200mAh - 2600mAh. This is also understood by the leading manufacturers of this segment of lighting, hence more and more often on shop shelves you can find models in which this value is even 5000 mAh. It should be remembered that the capacity of the battery directly affects the comfort and working time of a given lamp.

One more issue is important, namely additional elements. Practical hooks and strong magnets allow to place the lamp almost in every possible place making work much easier and directly influencing its quality. It is also important that the workshop lamp guarantees the possibility of regulating the light angle in any range.

To meet the latest trends and the increasingly high demands and expectations set by users of this type of lighting, M-TECH has proposed a new quality in the segment of inspection lamps, namely the ILPRO series. With unflagging interest in the ILPRO103, ILPRO104, ILPRO105, ILPRO109 and ILPRO307 models introduced in early 2021, M-TECH decided to follow suit and introduce a brand new model - the ILPRO120 - expanding the ILPRO range.

ILPRO120 is a lamp with a wide range of applications. Its main use is under the bonnet of a car, which allows for excellent illumination of the engine compartment, making work much easier and more efficient, or to illuminate the interior of a car by attaching the lamp to the roof. Adjustable brackets span from 117 to 163 cm and a special material which covers the given elements ensures 100% protection of the varnish against scratches or damage. In addition, the entire luminous element has the possibility to adjust the angle of incidence of light within 120 degrees, which is its undoubted advantage. The light is provided by 120 brand SMD diodes, thanks to which we have obtained a luminous flux of max. 1800 lm. ILPRO120 has three modes of light (100%, 50%, 30%), which makes it possible to adjust the amount of light to any conditions. ILPRO120 boasts a 5000 mAh cell, which, combined with 3 modes, allows you to enjoy continuous operation for up to 10 hours. In addition, the model is equipped with a built-in battery charge indicator, which makes it easy to check the battery charge level and has a direct impact on working comfort. The ILPRO120 uses the innovative "Dual 2 in 1" system. It allows for continuous operation even when the battery is low, as the battery is simultaneously charged when connected to the mains.

Introduced in early 2021, the models: ILPRO103, ILPRO104, ILPRO105, ILPRO109 and ILPRO307 immediately became bestsellers in M-TECH's offer. Applied solutions such as light sources in combination with the highest quality materials used in the production process allow them to withstand even the toughest working conditions, which are everyday occurrences for most users of workshop products. The use of an intelligent system of switching off the lamps - after 3 seconds from switching the lamp on and switching it into a convenient working mode, one click switches it off - is their additional advantage. This means that we don't have to click several times to turn the lamp off, which can be irritating with regular use. The lamps are equipped with a protection system against overcharging and discharging (overcharging protection system).

The products are IP54 certified, which makes them waterproof, while the housing remains resistant to dirt. In addition, mechanical resistance class IK08 protects them against external mechanical impacts (the lamp can withstand a fall of an object weighing 1700 g from a height of 29.5 cm) - thus affecting the durability of the device and safety of use.

What features distinguish each model?

ILPRO103 is the most powerful, handy, pocket lamp with an incomparable ratio of lumens to its dimensions. Thanks to the application of brand diodes from leading manufacturers we obtain a luminous flux of up to 600 lumens, and the materials used in the production process, such as polycarbonate and metal, are a guarantee of the highest quality and reliability. An additional element is a belt clip and a built-in magnet making it easy to use. The product is equipped with a jack charging function.

ILPRO104 is a foldable lamp of small size. The narrow, movable light part with the possibility of 270 degrees of manoeuvring and the light reaching up to 500 lumens enables any setting of a strong light beam in hardly accessible places. The ILPRO104 workshop lamp is also equipped with an LED battery status indicator. In addition, the improved battery allows for up to 20 hours of continuous use, and the metal hook and built-in magnet significantly increase the usefulness of the lamp. The product is equipped with a micro USB charging function.

ILPRO105 is distinguished by a flexible head (the luminous part is mounted on a flexible element connecting it with the rest of the lamp) and the possibility to manoeuvre the entire lamp by 360 degrees around its own axis. The application of these two solutions allows you to freely adjust the light beam, ensuring comfortable work even in the most inaccessible places. In addition, the lamp is equipped with a brightness regulator in the range of 10% - 100% (the so-called dimmer), so you can reduce its intensity in places where it is not needed and thus extend the operating time up to 20h. In addition, it has been equipped with a LED battery status indicator, which allows you to continuously monitor the battery charge level (indicator). The product is equipped with a micro USB charging function.

ILPRO109 is currently the most powerful handheld workshop lamp on the market. Thanks to the application of the best, branded light sources, we obtain a strong, uniform light beam of luminous flux up to 1100 lumens for the main function and up to 200 lumens for the auxiliary function, which, with a 5000mAh battery, allows up to 8 hours of continuous operation. In addition, the best quality materials such as polycarbonate combined with the above features create a top shelf product. The lamp is equipped with two strong magnets, a 360-degree hook and a separate button for reducing the light output to 50%. The product is equipped with a jack charging function.

ILPRO307 is an innovative and professional inspection lamp from M-TECH's latest range of lamps. The main advantage of ILPRO307 is the ability to adjust the lamp in two planes: around its own axis of 360 degrees (independently) and 180 degrees in the direction of its axis of rotation (independently) and 180 degrees in the other plane (independently)!

In addition, the light reaching up to 1000 lumens allows for precise and reliable illumination of the workplace. Practical hooks and strong magnets allow to place the lamp in almost any possible place making work much easier and directly influencing its quality. The product is equipped with a jack charging function

In conclusion, M-TECH's innovative ILPRO series of inspection lamps is a guarantee of the highest quality products. The range has been selected so that everyone can find the right tool for their work. The light sources and materials used in the production process make the ILPRO series lamps can boldly compete with models of the best manufacturers in the world.

It should be remembered that light efficiency, durability and battery capacity have a direct impact on comfort, safety and quality of work performed.

Durability, reliability and professionalism - these are the hallmarks of the new M-TECH PRO range of inspection lamps.