Meet the new range of inspection lamps – M-TECH PRO!

M-TECH proposes a new quality in the inspection lamp segment.

Workshop lighting is one of the fastest growing segments of automotive accessory lighting. The emergence of LED technology has only accelerated this process. M-TECH is, as always, one step ahead of the competition! M-TECH PRO is the new debut range which at the moment includes three reliable inspection lamps.  The models introduced to the range: ILPRO103, ILPRO105 and ILPRO109 are innovative and professional workshop lamps from the latest M-TECH PRO lamp line. The products are IP54 certified, which makes them waterproof, while the housing remains resistant to dirt. In addition, the mechanical resistance class IK08 protects them against external mechanical impacts - thus positively affecting the durability of the device and safety of use. 

It is worth noting the highest quality materials used in the production of the new lamps, which have been adjusted to withstand even the toughest working conditions, which are everyday life of most users of this type of products.

A practical and innovative solution is the use of an intelligent switch-off system - after 10 seconds from turning the lamp on and switching it to a convenient mode, one click switches it off. This means that we do not have to click several times to turn off the lamp, which can be irritating in regular use. Another advantage is the ability to adjust the intensity of light. The lamps have a unique protection system against overcharging and discharging (overcharging protection system).

What features distinguish each model?

ILPRO105 is distinguished by a flexible head (the luminous part is mounted on a flexible element connecting it with the rest of the lamp) and the ability to maneuver the entire lamp by 360 degrees around its axis. Application of these two solutions allows you to freely adjust the light beam, providing comfort of work even in the most inaccessible places. In addition, the lamp is equipped with a brightness regulator (dimmer), so you can reduce its intensity in places where it is not needed. Furthermore, it is equipped with a LED battery status indicator that allows you to control the battery charge level. The product is equipped with a micro USB charging function and emits a flashing light signal - warning you before the battery is completely discharged.

ILPRO109 is currently the most powerful handheld workshop lamp on the market. Thanks to the use of OSRAM light sources, we get a strong, uniform light output of up to 1100 lumens for the main function and up to 200 lumens for the auxiliary function, which, with a 5000mAh battery, allows for up to 8 hours of continuous operation. In addition, the lamp is equipped with two strong magnets, a 360-degree hook and a separate button to reduce the light output to 50%. The product is equipped with a jack charging function and emits a flashing light signal - warning you when the battery is fully discharged.

ILPRO103 is the most powerful, handy pocket lamp with an incomparable ratio of lumens to its dimensions. Thanks to the use of OSRAM LEDs we get the light output up to 600 lumens. An additional element is a belt clip and built-in magnet for easy use. The product is equipped with a Jack charging function and emits a flashing light signal - warning when the battery is completely discharged.