New M-TECH lamps with EVE R23 reversing approval.

The reversing manoeuvre is an everyday occurence for every driver. However, it can cause a lot of trouble and stress even for experienced drivers. When we take into account night time, unfavourable atmospheric conditions and narrow and cramped places, then the matter becomes even more uncomfortable and complicated.

M-TECH once again meets the expectations of the automotive lighting market and introduces to its offer 3 brand new models of working lamps compatible with 12/24V installations. What distinguishes the new series from other working lamps available on the market is a very important feature, namely the ECE R23 homologation. The implemented EU directive R23 contains guidelines regarding the possibility of legalizing the work lamps as reverse lighting, which can be used without any obstacles, fully legally, on public roads throughout the European Union. It defines precise parameters that should be met by this type of lamp in order not to pose a threat to other road users. 

Currently, many drivers use classic and typical LED work lamps as a way to illuminate the area then perform a reversing maneuver, not realizing the danger they cause on the road. The purpose of the lamps that do not meet ECE R23 standards is to illuminate the work area, which is why they are designed in such a way as to disperse the light as much as possible, as opposed to those that have such type approval. Special construction of the reflector in approved lamps allows to direct the beam in such a way as to most effectively illuminate the area behind the vehicle. 

A new series of WLR lamps meets market expectations. Proposed WLR102, WLR228 and WLR243 models meet all these requirements. Highest quality components, reflective lenses and branded diodes used in the production process as well as IP68 and IP69K certificates are guaranteed for highest quality and reliability.

The WLR228 and WLR243 models are particularly noteworthy in the M-TECH range.

WLR228 is a slim type lamp. It is equipped with 6 highly efficient 5W LEDs that provide up to 2300 lumens luminous flux, so even in low light and limited visibility due to weather conditions it guarantees the best visibility. In addition, the lamp is distinguished by an innovative type of reflector, unprecedented in this product category, and a method of mounting diodes (PCB plate, to which diodes are attached, has been placed in the upper part of the lamp). All the above features guarantee the highest quality, efficiency and reliability.

WLR243 is a lamp with a classic square shape. Luminous flux of 3200 lumens is provided by 16 LEDs with power of 1,5W which ensures visibility even in the most difficult conditions. 

Milky glass used in the production process additionally distinguishes this model from the competition. This model is another one of the “Performance” series which enjoys a constant interest in the market. As in the other models that do not have the ECE R23 homologation, an innovative reflector with advanced perforations of the “pyramid” type was used. Thanks to this solution, the surface is illuminated in the same way over the entire area.

Soon all models of the WLR (Work Lamp Reverse) series will be available in the best retail chains and automotive wholesalers in Poland.

*Note that the maximum number of reversing lamps on a vehicle must not exceed two, including those originally fitted. Only heavy goods vehicles may use an additional reversing lamp on each side.

Bartłomiej Szternal

Product Manager of M-TECH