M-TECH introduces a new range of products for motorbikes and scooters.

The development of civilization means that, especially in cities, roads are becoming increasingly congested. The number of cars that appear on the roads every day makes congested roads an everyday reality for every driver. There are, however, those who are less affected by this problem. More and more people are turning to two-wheelers as their main mode of transport, which is why motorbikes and scooters are becoming more and more common alternatives to cars. 

Similarly to the drivers of four-wheel vehicles, these users want to feel safer on the road and good lighting has a direct influence on that. Therefore, M-TECH offers a wide range of motorbike and scooter LED bulbs ensuring reliability and excellent visibility.


Light bulbs...

Automotive lighting manufacturers to a greater or lesser extent offer bulbs manufactured on the basis of LED technology. Replacements for traditional bulbs such as W5W, C5W (commonly called tube), BA9s or BA15s are standard.  The same bulbs are also used in two-wheelers as headlights, marker lights, reversing lights and stop lights. However, there are places in motorbikes or scooters where a universal car bulb is not enough and a dedicated solution is needed. M-TECH's R&D department has noticed this and introduced tailored bulbs for this type of vehicles such as HS1, BA20d and P15d in LED version (headlight - passing and driving light).

Two series...

To begin with, M-TECH will offer two series of LED substitutes of HS1 type, BA20d and P15d bulbs used in headlights as a passing and driving light. Both series are characterized by using the best quality materials and components, which is a standard in M-TECH products.

LB55x series are the bulbs, in which 12 brand SMD3030 diodes have been applied, which in connection with an extended heatsink of an innovative shape makes that the source of light is properly cooled, which prevents overheating and, consequently, damage to the bulb. The diodes have been placed on the PCB, 6 on each side, which seems to be an optimal solution. Luminous flux at max. 1200lm ensures comfort of travelling even on the darkest roads.

LB57x series are bulbs of a completely different construction than LB55x. The main feature which distinguishes them is the applied lens and a completely different shape of the heatsink which is equally efficient and appropriately takes care that the diode does not overheat. The source of light is provided by two extremely efficient 3570SMD diodes that guarantee a luminous flux of max. 1400lm which will satisfy the most demanding users of this type of vehicle.


To sum up...

The segment of road users using two-wheeled vehicles on a daily basis is increasing. Similarly to the drivers of four-wheelers, they want to feel increasingly safe as users, and the lighting has a direct influence on this. LED bulbs dedicated to this segment and soon to be introduced into the offer of M-Tech company will certainly help in this matter. Two series LB55x and LB57x, thanks to their diverse construction, allow to find an appropriate solution for the conversion of traditional lighting to LED in most headlights. 

The materials used, branded diodes responsible for the luminous flux and radiator construction are a guarantee of reliability and thus the feeling of safety.

Bartłomiej Szternal

Product Manager