M-TECH in relation to Tungsram products.

M-TECH is a company specializing in the automotive lighting industry, which since 2007 has offered its customers a wide range of products in three major lighting technologies: halogen, xenon and LED. In recent years we have built a strong and recognizable brand, both at home and abroad. We are manufacturer and distributor of systems based on the highest quality components consistent with high European standards.

Dear future Partners,

Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, we have been facing such problems as currency fluctuations, instability of global logistics routes or OEM production delays. The conflict in Ukraine has only worsened an already difficult situation and unfortunately not everyone has managed to cope with the onslaught of difficulties. We were saddened to learn about problems of the Hungarian company Tungsram, which has always been a reference for the quality of our products.

Supplier change

We are aware of the potential problems associated with changing distributors, so in order to provide you with continuity of sales, we offer comprehensive product support in LED, halogen and xenon technologies with full sales and marketing support. An exceptionally wide range of products and the division into Basic 12V and 24V, Premium Heavy Duty and Powertec series, makes it possible for us to offer a replacement for each Tungsram product.

We know how important it is to have the exact same products available, which is why we offer accurate substitutes and a wide range of references to expand your range and grow within your market. To meet the demands of the industry, we offer high quality products with a focus on innovative technical solutions.



M-TECH offers an extensive selection of traditional halogen and auxiliary bulbs for 12V and 24V installations. These bulbs are distinguished by their high durability and excellent value for money.

Roadworthy homologation
Technical clarification bulb
UV filter
Toughened quartz glass
Attractively priced product
Very good quality components
Road approval
UV filter



M-TECH offers a wide selection of "D" series xenon for factory installations, but also offers universal HID bulbs for converting halogen lighting to xenon.

Road approval
Double tempered quartz glass
UV filter
High-quality electrodes
Precious gas mixture
Specially shaped bulb for up to 30% more light
Metal collar
Colour temperature 4300K
Road homologation
Toughened glass
UV filter
+100% more light
Plastic collar
Colour temperature 4200K



M-TECH offers its own brand POWERTEC, which consists of two product categories - halogens and xenon bulbs. POWERTEC line was developed from scratch in our laboratory of Research & Development department in Poland.

Road homologation
100% more light
Perfectly aligned focal length
Robust strand construction
Refined gas filler
UV filter
Made of quartz glass
Hardened steel base
Elegant DUO packaging
Colour temperature: max 4200K
Road homologation
50% more light
UV filter
DUO packaging
Colour temperature: max 3800K

Full sales assistance

Our multilingual team provides comprehensive partner support in eight languages: Polish, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese. We would also take the opportunity to remind you that M-TECH operates in an uninterrupted manner, and our Partners can absolutely and invariably count on availability of goods and timely execution of orders. The use of modern technologies, continuous development, regular production inspections and excellent knowledge of the market have made us a trusted business partner over the years.

Marketing support

M-TECH marketing department, which leads us and our Partners to globally expand awareness of not only the M-TECH brand, but also places emphasis on strong promotion of private label brands. Today, M-TECH is able to support our Partners and offer a range of sales support tools.

In case of interest in product replacements (so-called crosses) please contact a customer advisor.


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