M-TECH ILPRO107 – the most innovative headlamp on the market

M-TECH ILPRO107 - the most innovative headlamp on the market.

The term workshop lamp, otherwise known as inspection lamp, most people associate with a handheld torch, which can take various forms. The most common lamps on the market are elongated structures intended for manual work, very often additionally equipped with a magnet or a hook for hanging or both. The problem arises when both hands are needed for work, e.g. in a pit or on a hoist, and lamps equipped with a magnet or a hook are not able to illuminate the work area well (it is not possible to mount them in such a way that they shine exactly where we want them).

As always, M-TECH has come up with a revolutionary new model of the popular ILPRO series, namely, ILPRO107 headlamp. It has been equipped with many solutions which will be appreciated not only by workshop workers. The biggest advantage of this type of lighting, commonly called a headlamp, is the fact that the light beam always follows your eyesight, precisely illuminating the place you want to. 

The most important feature of the workshop lamps, which should be paid attention to first, is the materials used for the construction of the product. ILPRO107 light module was made of extremely resistant to damage rubber formed on the basis of polycarbonate (double injection into a mould), which makes it extremely resistant to mechanical damage. IP65 rating and IK08 resistance to mechanical damage guarantee reliability and longevity. In addition, the use of anti-slip silicone strips on the inside of the strap is a guarantee that ILPRO107 will not slide off the head even during sudden movements.

When purchasing inspection lamps, it is worth paying attention to the technical parameters, components used and possibilities offered by the product. ILPRO107 model as a source of light uses the best quality diode type 3535HP (High Power), which allows to obtain a luminous flux of up to 450 lumens. In addition, the lamp has been equipped with the so-called ZOOM allowing to adjust the width of light within the range of up to 120 degrees. The application of the innovative ULTRA VIEW FLOOD technology ensures even distribution of the luminous flux over the entire illuminated surface (the light is uniform in every point). Thanks to this, we have managed to eliminate the effect that can be found in similar products available on the market, namely the further away from the centre the weaker the light becomes, not to mention the yellow border outside the illuminated surface, which is the bane of headlamps. It should be mentioned here that the element responsible for the possibility of light flux adjustment has been made of the best quality aluminium alloy which is a guarantee of reliability. In addition, the TWIST FOCUS system allows you to change the light beam from maximum focus to maximum diffusion in a fast and trouble-free way. A definite advantage is the use of a USB-C type charging socket and a 1400 mAh battery made in the latest lithium-polymer technology (Li-Po) which allows for continuous operation of up to max. 24h.

The most interesting solution that was used in the ILPRO107 model is the motion sensor (M-TECH moveON). It allows you to switch the lamp on and off by moving your hand in front of the torch. This is extremely important, especially for users who deal with various types of dirty substances such as oils or greases on a daily basis. The use of the M-TECH MOVEon system certainly increases the life of the lamp itself and allows you to keep it clean.

ILPRO107 model is another item from the extremely popular M-TECH ILPRO series, which is a guarantee of the highest quality product. The materials used in its production, such as rubber based on polycarbonate, as well as the components used, including a 5W high-power 3535HP diode equipped with a lens and a 1400 mAh lithium-polymer technology battery, make ILPRO107 a perfect professional solution for all those places where you need both hands for work. The light module can be adjusted within the range of 30 degrees, and thanks to the innovative ULTRA VIEW FLOOD technology that ensures uniform light output distribution (max. 450lm) over the entire surface, as well as the TWIST FOCUS system that allows you to quickly change the beam from focused to diffused, you can take full advantage of ILPRO107. The lamp is equipped with a USB-C type charging socket, and the IP65 protection class and IK08 resistance to mechanical damage guarantee reliability and comfort of work even in the most difficult conditions. In addition, the silicone straps used on the inside of the strap ensure that even with sudden movements the lamp remains stable and does not slip off the head. 

Despite being called a workshop or inspection lamp, the ILPRO107 model has its wide application also in other situations. It will certainly come in handy for drivers themselves, e.g. when replacing a burnt-out bulb or wheel, as well as during running, cycling, mountain hiking or camping.

The ILPRO107 inspection lamp will soon be available at the best automotive wholesalers in the country.

Bartłomiej Szternal
Product Manager