M-TECH expands its range of LED SETs.

2021 was the year of the premiere of the LSPRO series, which immediately became the bestseller of the LED SET segment in the automotive aftermarket. Following the blow and meeting the expectations of the market, M-TECH introduces 3 brand new series of products in the category of sets designed to convert traditional lighting to LED lighting.

Unflagging interest in this type of lighting makes it necessary to constantly develop and improve them. The automotive market is currently very focused on the development of products from the LED set range, M-TECH's R&D experts are aware of this, resulting in new models in the range. The use of the latest trends and solutions in the construction of the body, improved cooling system and components used undoubtedly put the new products at the forefront of this segment.

When choosing LED sets, it is important to pay attention to the placement of the diode itself - whether it is placed in a place similar to that of a traditional tungsten filament (the so-called twisted pair). If the diodes are placed too far forward or backward, the light beam will not be fully directed onto the road.

Too large surface of the diode is not an advantage of the products from this segment, because such a solution makes the light beam stronger, but less effective. Although on the surface it seems to be otherwise. Only a small part of the light coming out of the headlight falls in front of the car, in a place where the light beam should be the strongest and most effective. Aware of the needs of users, we present novelties that meet the above characteristics.

Currently on the market there are countless models to convert traditional lighting to LED. When choosing the right set, one should be very careful because, unfortunately, the vast majority of such solutions available in shops and automotive wholesale shops are untested, very low quality constructions. Faulty construction of the body, sub-standard components and applied improper cooling system directly affect the life, or in fact the lack of it, the same applies to efficiency and performance. 

Many years of experience in the automotive lighting segment, listening to the needs of the market and road users resulted in the LSF, LSG and LSAL series being offered by M-TECH.

At this point, I will try to briefly characterise each of them.

LSAL series

LSAL series is an innovative line of bulbs offered by M-TECH. Its most important feature is its compact construction, which does not have a traditional beam coming out of the "bulb" and does not require connecting additional modules. Its task is to resemble a traditional halogen bulb as much as possible. For these reasons, such solutions are marketed under the name "All In One".

All products are equipped with LEDs made in modern CSP LED technology, which is characterised by very high efficiency from 1W (number of lumens from 1W). Thanks to this, we have obtained the highest possible light efficiency, which will directly translate into safety. The unique design of LSAL series LED bulbs, their small size and the base integrated with the aluminium body significantly facilitate installation even where space is limited. Another element worth mentioning is the detachable flange, which allows you to minimise the hassle of mounting the set. The LSAL series is compatible with 12V and 24V installations and the light colour temperature is max. 6500K.

The bulbs have been fitted with an active cooling system, which has an additional influence on the life of the product.

LSF and LSG Series

LSF and LSG series are another reliable line of bulbs in M-TECH's offer. Their most important feature is the use of an innovative FrontAir active cooling system. The use of the latest solutions has resulted in a significant reduction in the size of the components of the set responsible for cooling (fan), which directly translates into ease of assembly. FrontAir technology, thanks to the use of a special construction of the "bulb" body, allows to direct about 10-15% of the cooled air directly to the diode. This significantly increases the service life of the entire set. In LSF and LSG series products, as in LSAL series, the diodes manufactured in Korea are used, which guarantees the highest efficiency and performance (multi-chip CSP diodes guarantee the highest performance per 1W in price/quality ratio). In addition, they have built-in inverters, which are part of the double control system against overheating. The small size of the heatsink and the detachable flange significantly facilitate installation even where space is limited. Both series are compatible with 12/24V installations and the light colour temperature is max. 6500K.

LSF Series
LSG Series

To sum up... 

The presented novelties significantly supplement the assortment of LED SET segments in M-TECH's offer. The materials used, technologies and solutions applied mean that regardless of whether you choose the LSAL, LSF or LSG series, you are guaranteed a very high quality product.

LSAL is an ideal solution for those looking for a solution that is as close as possible to a traditional halogen bulb in terms of size. The components used, such as CSP diodes, guarantee maximum efficiency and effectiveness, which directly affects driving comfort.

LSF and LSG series are products representing the same segment in the category of LED sets. The application of the innovative FrontAir active cooling system allows to significantly improve efficiency of the cooling process itself, which directly translates into durability and reliability of the newly introduced models.  The whole is complemented by the use of materials and highly efficient light sources in the form of CSP type LEDs. The LSF and LSG series is really distinguished by one element, namely the appearance, so that each user can find a product that meets not only technical, but also aesthetic requirements.

The models available within each LED set series are H1, H11, H4, H7, HB3, HB4.

*These products do not have road homologation and therefore cannot be used on public roads within the European Union.

Bartłomiej Szternal

Product Manager, M-TECH