Platinum. Perfection in every watt.
05.05.2020 14:53:41

            Polish design, German quality and advanced Asian production machines - these are the components selected to create a modern series of diodes that outclass the competition in their segment, breaking stereotypes about "Made in China" products.

     The decision to introduce a new series of LEDs was carefully thought out and planned, but we were still surprised - just after the premiere of Platinum diodes it became clear that the appetite of the market far exceeds our previous predictions. What is more, the first days brought a lot of positive reviews from our partners and it became clear to us that further expansion and improvement of the range is an obvious necessity. Today, the Platinum series includes more than 40 unique references, among them the most popular types of auxiliary light bulb replacements such as W5W, C5W or BA15s. The fact that LEDs successfully replace older technologies does not shock anyone today, but the use of Platinum diodes in place of traditional light bulbs provides a leap in performance on an unprecedented scale.

           The Platinum series is primarily synonymous with innovation and efficiency. Using the knowledge gained over the years, we designed the diodes from scratch in our laboratory of the Research & Development Department in Poland - we wanted to avoid using ready-made solutions. The fundamental assumption of the project was also the use of proven components, so that the Polish project is supported only by the highest quality components. Therefore, the whole Platinum series is based on reliable Osram light sources, ensuring efficiency of up to 200 lumens from each watt. Uncommon performance also requires unusual preventive solutions, so most models are equipped with a voltage regulation system to protect the diodes from overheating. The three-year manufacturer's warranty is a special dot above and beyond.

           Finally, we have created a premium product, affordable for those looking for economical solutions. Platinum series is probably the most attractive solution on the market in terms of price to quality ratio.

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