M-Tech working lamps of the Performance series
26.05.2020 13:31:07

The M-Tech Performance LED working lamps are an innovative line of high-performance extra-lighting lamps that can be used in special vehicles, construction machines, off-road and anywhere where effective workplace lighting is required.

A characteristic feature of this series is the fine-tuned multi-reflective reflector, which reflects the light stream widely and the fine reflections disperse it evenly across the entire work area. Unlike traditional LED working lamps, the amount of pleasant white light is evenly dispersed, which reduces the effect - the closer to the centre of the illuminated surface, the brighter.

The M-Tech Performance range offers products in a variety of shapes and applications, but they all share a distinctive, innovative reflector. All lamps are equipped with powerful branded Osram and Cree LEDs and come in power variants from 48W to 20W. The metal housing and the IP67 protection class ensure a long life in harsh environments.


The technological solutions contained in LED lamps from the Performance range are an absolute novelty on the European market. Performance and even light dispersion immediately attracted crowds of users, who until now, using traditional solutions, were constantly looking for better solutions. Their class and quality have been proven, among others, in the service of Fire Brigade units, which gave a clear expression of their satisfaction on our social media profile.

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