Unflagging interest in the series of inspection lamps, also known as ILPRO workshop lamps, introduced at the beginning of the year, made M-TECH decide to follow suit. In order to meet customer expectations, the company has introduced a brand new model - ILPRO120 - extending the range of ILPRO series products. 

ILPRO120 is a lamp with a wide range of applications. Its main purpose is to be mounted under the hood of a car, perfectly illuminating the engine compartment, which makes the work easier and more efficient. Due to the fact that this part of the car body is available in various widths depending on a car model, one of the most important features a lamp of this type should have is adjustable arm span. The ILPRO120 lamp can boast of adjustment within the range of 117 to 163 cm (possibility of extending it from two sides simultaneously). The arm handles are covered with a special material which ensures 100% protection of the varnish from scratches or damage. Additional advantage is the possibility to adjust the angle of incidence of light thanks to the possibility to adjust the whole luminous element within 120 degrees. 

The luminous flux is provided by 120 brand SMD diodes with 5700K color temperature which allows long hours of work without fatigue. Thanks to the use of so many diodes we achieved the luminous flux of max. 1800 lm, leaving behind all the competition. The ILPRO120 model has three modes of light (100%, 50%, 30%), which makes it possible to adjust the amount of light to any conditions. One of the most important things you should pay attention to when choosing a workshop lamp is the battery. ILPRO120 boasts a 5000 mAh capacity cell, which is hard to find in competitor models. Thanks to 3 light modes and a very capacious battery we can enjoy continuous operation even for 10 hours. Another solution used in this model is built-in battery charge indicator. It allows you to easily control the battery status, which directly affects the comfort of work.

ILPRO120 utilizes the innovative “Dual 2 in 1” system. It enables continuous work even when the battery is flat. Simply connect the charger cable, plug it in and you can continue working. In addition, the “Dual 2 in 1” system allows you to simultaneously charge the battery while working on mains power.

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