ILPRO104 an innovative and professional inspection lamp

What makes it different?

Movable light part with the possibility of maneuvering by 270 degrees and light reaching up to 500 lumens, which allows you to freely set a strong light beam in hard to reach places. Additionally, the improved rechargeable battery allows for up to 20 hours of continuous use. The ILPRO104 workshop lamp is also equipped with an LED battery status indicator that shows the battery charge level.

What additional features should you pay attention to?

The IP54 certification protects against water intrusion inside the lamp, while the housing remains resistant to contaminants such as dust and dirt. The mechanical strength class IK08 protects it against external impacts and mechanical damage (the lamp can withstand a fall of an object weighing 1700 g from a height of 29.5 cm) - thus affecting the durability of the device and safety of use.