Expand M-TECH’s custom product categories

Proper lighting of a car, including signaling of maneuvers undertaken by the driver, is the main element of ensuring safety on the road. That is why efficient lighting is so important, both the main light (e.g. dipped light) and auxiliary light (e.g. parking light, direction blinker or stop light) also called signal light. Despite technological development, halogen bulbs are still the most common type of lighting in cars. However, you can already find on the road models equipped with lights made in much more efficient LED technology, but this applies to brand new installations.

M-TECH company for several years has offered a wide range of automotive lighting. From traditional car bulbs, both halogen and auxiliary, xenon burners, through LED retrofits for headlights, working lamps, lightbars or driving lights. A very important element in the offer are LED bulbs that are replacements for traditional auxiliary bulbs such as W5W, P21W or W21W. Listening to the voice of the industry market we decided to introduce two new series of retrofits and thanks to technological advances in replacement of the most popular models of FLUX diodes on SMD.

Limited Black…

Design or appearance... this word has always accompanied us, although in the last few years it has started to appear in our everyday life more and more often. Initially, design was associated mainly with such industries as clothing, furniture or architecture. Recently, however, the word has been gaining popularity, which seems to be a response to the market needs. This is also noticed by the automotive sector, which can be seen more and more often during the premieres of new car models presented by the world's biggest corporations as well as everyday on the roads. Companies representing the automotive aftermarket do not remain indebted.

The offer of LED segment products available on the market is the best confirmation of that. Working lamps, driving lights or marker lamps more and more often catch the eyes of the road users with their appearance which makes more and more drivers want to have in their cars something that distinguishes them and adds individual character.

Platinum Limited Black series is the best example of that. While maintaining the features most valued by the users such as branded efficient diodes and the best components we have created a product that meets all the above requirements. The dark-gray aluminum alloy used in the production process makes the products do not remain unnoticed. Platinum Limited Black series includes W5W, W16W, BA15s, BAY15d, W21W, W21/5W, P27W (3156) and P27/7W (3157) bulbs which fills the vast majority of the market.

RED Series…

M-TECH is gradually trying to develop a range of LED retrofits to meet market expectations. Recently, there have been more and more questions about LED replacements for traditional bulbs used as stop lights. 

In response, M-TECH has introduced LED replacements for traditional bulbs in red, which are used primarily in rear lampshades with transparent glass. Based on our experience, firstly, retrofits based on very well known and appreciated by customers Platinum series models will be included in our offer. It should be emphasized that the new products, just like their white prototypes, are based on the highest quality components. All of them are also equipped with a system that prevents overheating and consequently burning out, ensuring reliability in all conditions. 

Soon on the store shelves you will be able to find red versions of 8 extremely popular models of LED bulbs in single and double strand versions, currently available only in white color. Products LB820R-01B, LB821R-01B, LB822R-01B, LB823R-01B, LB826R-01B, LB827R-01B, LB828R-01B and LB829R-01B are replacements for the most popular types of bulbs used in this type of lighting. The new range will consist of retrofits with P21W, P21/5W, W21W or W21/5W bases. At the beginning you will be able to choose from two models of each type, but this is certainly not the last word from M-TECH on this subject. Continuous development is the basis of success, so in the nearest future we can expect more novelties in this segment. 

Premium Fog lights…

Another new series of LED retrofits which will soon appear in the offer of M-TECH company is a series of Fog lights. 

Fog lights are a very important element of external lighting in the car. They directly affect the safety of driving in difficult conditions such as dense fog. M-TECH once again meets the expectations of the market by introducing a special series of LED retrofits dedicated to this type of lighting. The "FOG Lights" series includes LED replacements for the traditional H1, H3, H7, H8/H11, HB3, HB4, 880 and 881 incandescent lamps. All of them are equipped with six extremely efficient SMD1616 LEDs and a finned radiator responsible for heat dissipation and thus protecting the LEDs from overheating. An additional advantage of "FOG Lights" series are compact size and easy "plug'n'play installation (they fit perfectly as a replacement for a traditional light bulb).

Flux on SMD…

New versions of the most popular models of W5W, P21W and P21/5W (LB006AW, LB033W, LB033R, LB033Y, LB038W and LB038R), so far created with the use of outdated FLUX technology, will complement the novelties of the LED retrofit segment. The development made the SMD diodes widely available on the market, thanks to which they can replace the FLUX diodes without significantly increasing the final price of the product and guaranteeing incomparably better effects in the form of emitted light.  Taking advantage of that fact, soon M-TECH will present a completely new version of well known models in which SMD diodes were used. Additionally, in the LB033 and LB038 models, milky glass has been used, thanks to which a homogeneous luminous flux has been obtained on the whole surface of the diode.

To sum up...

In response to signals from the market, M-TECH introduces a new series of LED retrofits, which include dozens of completely new models. Such a wide range makes that regardless of the needs, each road user will find a product interesting for him both in terms of visual and technical features. For those who put the appearance of the bulb in the first place, the ideal solution will be the Limited Black series with a characteristic matte-graphite part (a special metal alloy of the highest quality), which includes a black PCB plate on which the diodes are mounted, which completes the whole bulb. RED series created on the basis of already existing Platinum series are products designed for people who are looking for LED retrofits made of the best materials, according to the highest standards, but with red color. Another group is the so-called Fog Lights series which includes LED bulbs of H1, H7, H11 or HB4 type. These products are replacements for traditional halogen bulbs most commonly found in fog lights. The use of LED technology allows to obtain a much more efficient luminous flux, which in this type of lighting directly translates into safety and comfort of driving. In conclusion, the development of LED technology in the field of broadly understood lighting allowed us to reengineer the most popular models. Thanks to this, the products in which previously inefficient Flux diodes were used have been equipped with much more efficient SMD diodes, which has a direct impact on the life of the bulb itself. In addition, the use of milky glass has allowed for maximum use of the light sources used. 

It should be remembered that although the LED technology is much more efficient in terms of luminous flux, unfortunately it is still illegal on public roads in the European Union. Efficiency and effectiveness is particularly important in the case of signal lighting (e.g. direction indicators), as well as lighting used in difficult weather conditions (e.g. fog lamps). It is to be hoped that this situation will soon change and thanks to the modern LED technology all users of both public and other roads will be more visible and thus safer, which directly affects the comfort of driving.

Bartłomiej Szternal
Product Manager