Performance series

A revolution in LED work lighting is on the way!

The Performance line in the LED work light category is a range of products with above-average performance, providing above all comfort for night work or off-road journeys.

The multi-structured, advanced square reflector interacts with LEDs from renowned manufacturers. These diodes are characterised by high efficiency, thanks to which they do not generate high operating temperatures. We obtain a high value of lumens emitted during the entire operation of the lamp, which positively affects the condition of the electronic system, thus extending its life. Moreover, the innovative reflector, thanks to the extensive structure of reflections and square cross-section, effectively supports the uniform reflection of rays onto the entire illuminated area. In contrast to reflectors with a round cross-section and modest reflection structure, the lamps of the Performance series do not cause a point-like, undistracted effect of a field of light only in the centre, which can be a disadvantage of most of the offered products, especially those of unproven quality. A system of efficient LEDs together with a newly developed multi-structure reflector is an innovative and effective result of the work of M-TECH's in-house R&D department, which is why it will certainly find its way into the next products in our offer.


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