Approvals and certificates

In the automotive sector, one of the most important features that products should have is road approval (ECE). It allows the safe and legal use of products on public roads within the European Union. The approval is obtained on the basis of criteria laid down in EU Directives (R).

As lighting specialists, we ensure that our products meet the relevant technical parameters and European standards to obtain the necessary certification.
Among the EU directives that allow the validation of our range of products we distinguish:
- ECE R23 - road approval for reverse lights
- ECE R37 - road approval for halogen bulbs
- ECE R87 - road approval for daytime running lamps
- ECE R99 - road approval for xenon bulbs
- ECE R112 - road approval for driving lights
- ECE R10 - electromagnetic compatibility homologation

It is worth emphasizing that automotive lamps should meet certain parameters, which are confirmed by homologation marks embossed on the glass or casing of the product.
The capital letter E is the approval mark, and the number indicates the country in which the approval was granted. European Union countries are obliged to accept their approvals. The most common approvals among our products are E1, E4, E8, E13.

European homologation designations:
- E1 - Germany
- E2 - France
- E3 - Italy
- E4 - Netherlands
- E5 - Sweden
- E6 - Belgium
- E7 - Hungary
- E8 - Czech Republic
- E9 - Spain
- E10 - Yugoslavia
- E11 - United Kingdom
- E12 - Austria
- E13 - Luxembourg
- E14 - Switzerland
- E20 - Poland

In addition, our list of certificates also includes DOT (Department of Transport) granted in the United States and EAC, a certificate valid in the markets of countries belonging to the Customs Union.

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