ACTIVE AIR cooling system

There are two basic types of cooling currently available on the market: active and passive.

Passive cooling is characterised by the fact that the heat is carried out by means of a heat sink without any moving parts. Passive cooling can be found in the form of a classic heat sink in the form of a ribbed structure or aluminium pips. The disadvantage of this type of solution is the size of the heatsink, which in a passive way must carry away the heat from the diode. Unfortunately, it often happens that there is not enough space to mount it. A small size of passive cooling heatsink may be associated with rapid overheating and burning of the diode.

Active cooling is characterised by the fact that the removal of heat takes place by means of a moving part, which is a fan. On the market, you can find companies, which, taking into account that heat dissipation is the key issue concerning durability, use Japanese bearings preventing rapid wear. Our ACTIVE AIR active cooling system is just such an innovation. Thanks to its multi-ribbed design, large heat dissipation surface and efficient fan, the condition and optimum brightness of the product are maintained even during the longest journeys.

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