Xenon bulbs

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M-TECH offers a wide selection of "D" series xenon for factory installations, but also offers universal HID bulbs for converting halogen lighting to xenon. M-TECH's "D" series works with any inverter. Each bulb has been manufactured with the best components that allow for precise focal adjustment. We have maximized the life of our bulbs by choosing reliable electronics, tempered quartz glass, and the right blend of noble gas. We carry all popular models (D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D8) in colors from 4300K to 12000K. Available xenon bulbs are in Basic and Premium versions.

M-TECH also offers standard HID bulbs which are designed to convert halogen to xenon lighting and are usually found in our xenon kits. Our bulbs work with any universal ballast unit and are characterized primarily by the use of quality components, tempered quartz glass, UV filter, high quality electrodes and the correct noble gas mixture. In addition, the high quality is emphasized by the ceramic ring that supports the bulb. These xenons are also available in more than a dozen configurations and colors.

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