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M-TECH offers four excellent LED retrofit series: Basic, Premium, Platinum and Heavy Duty (24V).

Polish design, German components and advanced Asian machinery - these are the key factors to create modern LED retrofits that outclass the competition in this segment! Using knowledge acquired over many years, we are systematically improving and expanding our retrofit range in M-TECH Research & Development department laboratory in Poland.

M-TECH, which is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of automotive lighting, has been offering LED bulbs since its inception. This range is constantly being developed and technologically enriched. Our experience has allowed us to establish our own technological process, whose fundamental assumption is the use of branded components, and above all LEDs from leading manufacturers. The construction of each bulb is unique and thought out from scratch. We also use voltage stabilizers with a tolerance of up to 16V, which prevent potential risks of overvoltage. In addition, a system of internal resistors in selected models 'cheats' the CANBUS system built in the car, which prevents the display of a burnt out bulb error. The branded diodes used guarantee long life of the product - they emit strong light while maintaining low operating temperature

The Basic and Premium series includes over 100 unique models of such types as W5W, T4W, C5W, BA15s, BAY15d, W16W, W21W or W21/5W. Such a wide choice will surely satisfy all tastes and preferences. Basic and Premium are more budget solutions for retail customers who are looking for a good product at an attractive price.

More demanding customers should consider the Platinum series. This is the most advanced line of retrofits equipped with powerful SMD diodes When creating each of the available series, we cared about the maximum reproduction of natural light. As a result, we have achieved a CRI of 95, which is a pleasant and warm light without the unwanted yellow glow.

Heavy Duty series is the widest selection of retrofits designed for 24V installations. We created these LEDs with trucks in mind, but also for construction and agricultural machinery. Overvoltage resistance, maximum efficiency, and careful design are just a few of the key features of this series.

During the development of this series, we were primarily guided by the safety of use while maintaining maximum quality and durability. The Heavy Duty series is based on diverse technologies: FLUX, COB, SMD and HP. Please note that LED retrofits currently do not have the homologation, so they should be used in interior of the vehicle only.

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