Dynamic development based on solid foundations.
06.02.2020 12:49:13

Dynamic development based on solid foundations. This short sentence aptly describes the way M-TECH is increasing its share of the car lighting market from year to year. A qualified team of specialists, embedded in a modern management structure, every day makes sure that the satisfaction of both our Partners and users of M-TECH products is at the highest level. It is not easy to satisfy both Distributors and End Users at the same time, especially when the automotive lighting market, mainly the LED retrofit segment, offers great diversity.  What makes the M-TECH brand stand out from the competition is the trust that the largest automotive companies in Europe, the United States, South and North America and ever Africa have placed trust in us. The key aspect turned out to be the extraordinary attention to the quality of products in the offer. 

The duo of Research and Development Department employing several outstanding Polish engineers in cooperation with the Product Development Department consisting of top - class specialists in the automotive market is the core of product evolution at M-TECH. 

The R&D Department takes advantage of the space provided by the recently commissioned new M-TECH headquarters. Nearly 200 meters 2 of the laboratory itself allows for thorough testing of carefully selected goods from renowned suppliers, as well as testing our own technological solutions, which engineers design using the best branded components, such as LEDs supplied by OSRAM. As is already widely known, M-TECH is probably the only company offering such solutions for the automotive aftermarket. A wide range of products manufactured according to our own designs, based on OSRAM branded diodes, has been officially marked with an appropriate signature on each package. It is a simple and clear indicator of quality, thanks to which, in the maze of other goods, M-TECH products stand out as refined according to the European school. 

There is no denying that most of our offer is made up of LED products. Although it is no logner a special novelty on the market, this technology is developing, providing increasingly efficient light sources. To select the right optoelectronic components for the range, our R&D and Product Development team needs dozens of hours of simulation, testing and consideration. 

Once the right light source has been selected, the correct current to supply the LED is selected and the right way to dissipate heat is designed. A long process, although the only one that guarantees not only a long procut life, but also its performance and attractive price. At the last stage, we use special thermal imaging cameras which give us the answer whether the temperature of a hot LED chip, in a mass product, does not exceed a value which would result in a lower efficiency of the source and would dramatically shorten its lifetime. 

Unfortunately, the lack of control of the above parameters is a problem that affects most LED retrofits available on the market. The problem of incompetent heat dissipation from such a small area with the use of low temperature resistant optoelectronic components has a negative impact on the opinion of the whole industry and end customers. OSRAM LEDs, used in M-TECH products, are among the leaders in terms of performance to efficiency ratio. The amount of emitted lumens from each watt of power consumed oscillates around 150 and this while maintaining a safe temperature for the chip. This solution eliminated the need to push the light sources to the limit and thus extends the life of the whole product. Our engineers went one step further and designed an additional temperature control system for a specific group of customers. Sometimes our retrophytes, or LED lamps, are exposed to high temperature environment. This can be for example an engine compartment, or a sunny place. The protection works on the principle of a controller, which when the chip detects too high a temperature, lowers the current of the diode, so that the accumulation of heat from the lamp and the environment does not cause damage. The de-facto system temporarily lowers the lumens output, preventing the defect, so that when thermal stabilization is achieved, it automatically returns to the target lumen. 

These are just some of the achievements of our R&D. The team of Product Developers, in constant daily contact with our key customers, uses their knowledge, statistics and information obtained directly from the market. In this way, they constantly influence not only modernization and quality control, but above all new projects tailored to market requirements. Product Developers of M-TECH visit number of trade fair events around the world in search of novelties, inspirations and golden advices given by key partners of our company.

The existing range will soon be expanded with carefully designed products, with visits to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and Automechanika Shanghai in Q4 2019. The main target goods are technical innovations in the automotive lighting industry, products that can expand or complement our range, or those that provide a quality and performance alternative to the goods already on sale. 

Over the years, we have seen that the use of efficient, brand - name components in our proprietary technology projects, and the inclusion of the “OSRAM LEDs Included” signature, which confirms this fact, produces good results. 

At the moment, our proprietary portfolio includes a range of double row lightbars and more than half of the other work lamps. The well-developed range of lamps for license plate and vehicle interior lighting has already been replaced in three quarters by our own designs. Currently, there are several topics on the wallpaper of the R&D department, which are caused by clear signals from the market. 

Currently, the last phase of tests is being carried out by a dozen or so retrofits models, a new series of workshop and inspection lamps. The biggest success of the R&D Department in 2019 is a series of work lamps called Performance. The innovative way of light distribution has already been appreciated by professionals, including fire brigade units. The successes as well as suggestions from the market are a real motivation for our Team to make further progress and develop. This year, M-TECH company is planning to equip the laboratory with further specialist equipment, thanks to which we will be able to launch novelties that are not available from our competitors. The calendar of events we are going to attend this year is filled not only with top trade fairs, but also events for car lovers, which are a valuable source of information straight from the market. The R&S team is not only a group of engineers, but also Product Developers who are a team of true car lovers. We can’t wait for the number in which we will share the tangible results of our current work!