M-TECH with a new status in the TecDoc® catalog

TecDoc® catalog is the leading tool for vehicle and spare parts identification worldwide. As a specialist in automotive lighting, M-TECH becomes a data supplier, which reflects our dedicated work on data quality and transparency.

The TecDoc® standard is recognized globally for the highest quality information, ensuring efficiency and comparability with original spare parts. As a data supplier, we strive daily to provide you with the latest and most comprehensive information that is crucial for precise and seamless identification of spare parts.

Since obtaining the CDS "TecAlliance CERTIFIED DATA SUPPLIER" status, we have successfully met these high-quality requirements every quarter.

New PDS "PREMIER DATA SUPPLIER" quality status
The PDS "PREMIER DATA SUPPLIER" status is a mark of recognition for data suppliers whose information exceptionally meets the highest quality standards. This means that we not only meet all CDS criteria but also more stringent requirements regarding product content. We are proud of this achievement!

M-TECH Poland a member of TecAlliance!
Our supplier number: 5659.

M-TECH Sales Team
M-TECH Sales Team

The TecDoc platform is an extremely valuable tool for the global automotive industry due to its comprehensiveness, accurate data, and unlimited integration capabilities with diverse IT systems. Collaboration with suppliers listed in the TecDoc catalog enhances customer service, optimizes inventory management, and ensures constant access to detailed specifications of the offered parts.

Quality assessment of LZXD1S LED retrofit for D1S xenon bulbs.

M-TECH Poland Sp. z o. o. has decided to submit the LZXD1S LED retrofit, which is an alternative for D1S xenon bulbs, for advanced testing at the renowned BOSMAL Automotive Research and Development Institute Ltd located in Bielsko-Biała. The institute specializes in conducting research, development, and production for domestic and foreign companies, primarily in the automotive sector.
The main purpose of the test was to verify whether the LZXD1S retrofit constitutes an improvement over traditional xenon bulbs and to validate declared performance values. The test encompassed key photometric, colorimetric, and electrical parameters that are subject to homologation regulation for standard xenon bulbs. M-TECH intends to demonstrate that their products meet the highest quality standards.

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M-TECH Sales Team

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