BLACK SERIES AND PERFORMANCE LAMPS – bet on power and reliability!

A revolution is underway in the LED work lighting segment. M-TECH has once again set the standard in the automotive lighting market and has in its offer a series of LED work lights, which was called Performance. As the name suggests, this is a range of products with above-average performance that provides above all comfort during night work or off road travel, making it very popular with both professional and amateur users. Multi-structure, advanced reflector, with a square shape works with LEDs from reputable manufacturers, including those from Osram. These diodes are characterized by high efficiency, so they do not generate high operating temperature. Thanks to that, not only do we obtain a high value of lumens emitted throughout the lamp’s operation, but it also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the electronic system and extends its life. Innovative reflector, thanks to its complex structure of reflections and square cross-section, effectively supports uniform reflection of rays on the whole illuminated area. In contrast to reflectors with a round cross-section and modest structure of reflections, the lamps of Performance series do not have the effect that the closer to the centre of illuminated field the brighter they are, which is characteristic for traditional products. The system of efficient LED diodes together with newly developed multi-structure reflector is effective in every respect and will surely find its application in further M-TECH products. The offer will soon be extended by other items, including the popular LED lighting bars, which like many M-TECH products will be equipped with Osram LEDs.

It should be noted that these types of solutions do not have road approval and the use of working or typical off-road LED lamps on the road, may end up in a fine. Admittedly, you can find ads offering such lamps with the alleged approval, but it is just a play on words on the part of the seller, because the lamp does have a certificate, but only according to the R10 Directive, i.e. as a confirmation that is does not emit electromagnetic field, which would affect the operation of other devices in the vehicle. 

Therefore, if you are preparing your car for a trip, it is worth equipping yourself with long-range LED lamps, which thanks to the fact that they have a road approval according to the R112 directive, can be legally used on public roads. These lamps are characterized by the fact that they emit a strong light with a very focused beam, which on the road, then we will not dazzle anyone, will allow us an effective range of vision up to 400 meters. In M-TECH offer are available in different shapes, both round, like traditional halogen, as well as rectangular, or in the shape of LED strips. What is more, to meet our clients needs in terms of retrofitting, tuning and personalization of vehicles, M-TECH offers Black Series lamps. Black additives add animation and combat character not only to off-road vehicles or trucks but to all vehicles as well. Tinted lamps have long been a heartbeat of automotive enthusiasts. Black Series from M-TECH offers LED lamp models for users for whom looks counts as much as performance. The road lamps in the form of traditional round halogens and lightbars in this series offer up to 7200 lumens, as the dark glass effect has been obtained through an optical procedure inside the lamp and does not adversely affect the lighting parameters. So you can enjoy both a bright, powerful light at night on suburban roads and a racy look during the day. The Black Series also includes work lamps that, with their black reflector finish, blend in well with vehicle components such as bumpers or roof racks. The Black Series range is constantly being updated and expanded with new visually appealing models, which we will be sure to keep you updated on.

Dawid Bystroń

Product Manager of M-TECH